04 November 2015

BEL Sonars Make a Splash in Vietnam

04 November 2015

Petya class frigates (photo : Andreas Spörri)

India’s Stated Owned Defence Public Sector Undertaking Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is in commercial discussions with Vietnam for the sale of BEL HMS-X2 sonars for their Petya class vessels.

“We have demonstrated all capabilities of this advanced sonar to officials from Vietnam and they have also visited our facilities,” a BEL official told Daily News at the Show.

A number of other countries also have shown their initial interest an acquiring the sonar system which was developed by the Indian Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO), with BEL as the production agency.

Called HMS-X2, the compact Hull mounted Sonar is designed for installation on small to medium platforms such as ASW corvettes, coastal surveillance and patrol vessels. BEL sonars are widely used on Indian Navy frigates.

HMS-X2 is primarily an active sonar system with enhanced passive capabilities. Indian announced the deal to sell sonar equipment to Myanmar under for US$ 29.24 million last year.

(Defense & Security Daily News)

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