05 November 2015

Indonesia Upgrades ESM Capability

05 November 2015

Selex offers key benefits of SAGE : (1) Single platform highly accurate geo-location enabling accurate sensor cueing at tactically significant range, (2) rapid decision making by shortening the ‘Find Fix’ element of the F2T2EA (Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, Assess) Timeline, (3) Identification and categorisation of complex emitters, (4) Enhanced platform survivability through advanced Radar Warning capability, (5) Data recording for further analysis and sovereign EW database creation. (photo : M Rafi Hadytama)

Finmeccanica-Selex ES has supplied its SAGE Electronic Support Measure (ESM) for integration on Indonesian Air Force CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft (MPA).

This is the first time that the system is being installed on a fixed-wing maritime patrol aircraft. Other CN-235 operators worldwide are also veing considered by Selex ES as potential customers for the ESM system.

The first SAGE 600 system was delivered to the Indonesian Air Force a short while ago and integration of the system onto an Indonesian Air Force CN-235 aircraft is being performed by US-based prime contractor Integrated Surveillance and Defence Inc.

The modified CN-235 will be used by the Indonesian Air Force for maritime patrol mission.

The system is drawing attention in the region for its ESM capability that borders on ELINT, passively collecting emitter data from RF sources and then identifying and geo-locating any threats to an aircraft.

Prior to this, the SAGE system has been in use with the UK MoD. Selex ES will also be delivering its Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System (HIDAS-15) with integrated SAGE ESM for the Republic of Korea Navy's Maritime Operational Helicopter (MOH) program. As part of the programme Selex ES has delivered a training programme and developing the capabilityin country, transferring the knowledge required to allow the Republic of Korea to adapt the MOH's electronic warfare systems in response to new and developing threats.

(Defense & Security 2015 Daily News)

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