23 April 2016

RMAF Su-30MKMs May Get New NVGs

23 April 2016

RMAF Su-30MKM (photo : Goh Weiyang)

RMAF Su-30MKM will receive a demo of Gen 3+ night vision goggles (NVGs) from LEMT, which is part of the Belarus based firm BelOMO. LEMT officials tell Daili News, that the RMAF will soon receive a demonstration of the new generation NVGs, which do not require the cockpit lighting to be NVG compatible and allow the pilot to see out in darkness to 500 meters.

BelOMO is one of the largest optical companies in Eastern Europe with over 6,000 employees. The company is a well-known producer of high-quality optical sights for the small arms, including Thermal Imaging (TI) and Night Vision Sights. 

The company is also showcasing a unique a solution for upgrading the day sights on RPG-7 launchers to day and night sights. The company also has on display its patented periscopic red sight, which can also be used for cornershot devices. With a product portfolio of over 200 devices, LEMT, has bought a number of selected products for display and demonstration. 


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