24 November 2015

New STARStreak Missiles Delivery to RTA from 2017

24 November 2015

STARStreak missile has been operated by RTA (photos : TAF)

Thales will start delivering the additional STARStreak missiles and Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML) to the Royal Thai Army (RTA) from 2017.

Thales signed a multi-million pound contract with Thailand-based DataGate in September to supply the STARStreak air defence missile system. The contract follows on from Thailand's initial purchase of STARStreak in 2012.

"STARStreak High Velocity Missile (HVM) is designed to provide close air defence against conventional air threats such as fixed wing fighters and late unmasking helicopter targets. It is capable of being launched from lightweight land. sea and air platforms, from either automatic fire control systems such as RAPIDRanger or the STARStreak LML. STARStreak can therefore be deployed quickly into operations and is easy to integrate into a force structure" Dawn Ross, Communication Manager, Advanced Weapon Systems at Thales told Daily News.

"The system plays a key part in the air to protecting the Kingdom of Thailand," Ross added.

All the missiles ordered in 2012 were delivered to the RTA this year, Ross added.

"STARStreak is the leading VSHORAD system in the world today, enabling nations to protect key assets against both emerging and established threats. We are honored to continue to serve the Royal Thai Army as a key supplier for Thailand's advanced air defence capability."

Thales has previously exported weapons to the Indonesian government. In Malaysia this year, Thales signed a contract with Global Komited, a company within The Westar Group, to supply ForceSHIELD, the Thales integrated Advanced Air Defence system.

The purchase of ForceSHIELD will enable the Malaysian Armed Forces to replace and enhance the previously comisssioned Thales STARBurst missile system, which has been in service since the mid 1990s. 


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