09 November 2015

PT Dirgantara Indonesia Looks to Finalise IF-X Workshare

07 November 2015

The some differences between IF-X and KF-X are : drag chute for landing, refuelling probe, and external drop tank (photo : Defense Studies)

Indonesian Airframer PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) is still working towards the finalisation of its workshrae for the IF-X generation stealth multirole fighter. The airframer will work with South Korea's Defence Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) to deliver the IF-X combat aircraft to the Indonesian Air Force. IF-X is the name given to the Indonesian version of the Korean KF-X, 4.5 generation stealth multi-role fighter.

Ade Yuyu Wahyuana, VP Business Development & Marketing at Persero, told Daily News, "Discussions are contihuing in Jakarta on the 30% workshare and the workshare agreement is yet to be signed with DAPA." " We are looking at two big jobs, the engineering work package and aircraft manufacturing for the KF-X." Importantl, Ade says, "We don't intend to be a fighter manufacturer. We will look at translating the technology we obtain from this program for our commercial aircfat programs. The first priority for the company is to look to how best it can fulfil the operational requirements of the Indonesian Air Force (IAF) for the IF-X.

KF-X fighter (photo : Defense Studies)

"There will be some differences between the Korean KF-X and our IF-X and we looking at how to comply with these requirements," says Ade. The important changes being planned for the IF-X as compared to the Korean KF-X are; Drag Chute for Landing, Finalising of Refuelling Probe Configuration (hose and drogue or receptacle) and carriage of an external Drop tank for increased range.

The KF-X and IF-X 4.5 generation stealth fighter be available in both single and tandem seating cockpit configuration. It will feature advanced aerodynamic design and stealth features such as integrated chine and faceted fuselage, caret shape ramp intake and a diamond Shape Wing. It will be fitted with next-generation AESA radar and avionics. Weapons carriage capability will be significant as a result of 10 Hard Points and a 16,000 lb (4,400 kg) store capability, It will have four semi-conformal hard points for AMRAAM.

(Defense & Security 2015 Daily News)

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