29 Maret 2016

Vietnam will Buy One Squadron of Su-35 Fighter

29 Maret 2016

Su-35 Fighter (photo : allwidewallpapers)

The success of Russia at the world war that Syria interested in the new weapons being tested by fire here, including Su-35 fighter. Vietnam is said to want to buy one squadron Su-35, according to the Kommersant newspaper.

Financial columnist Kommersant said 28.3 days according to sources from the technical cooperation agency - Russian military (FSMTC), the agency recently has received many requests from Asian and African cacnuoc want to buy aircraft Russia's new fighter, and the value of these contracts far exceeds the cost of Russian money for the war in Syria.

FSMTC said in October 12.2015, the Algeria has ordered 12 fighter bomber Su-32 (export version of the Su-34), the minimum price of $ 600 million. Algeria also asked to be assigned 1 Su-35 fighters in Tamanrasset testing grounds for testing the aircraft and its equipment. Kommersant said that Algeria will buy at least 10 Su-35 and this contract at least 850-900 million.

"Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan are interested in Su-35. Indonesia and Vietnam want to have Su-35 to supplement the Su-30MK2 aircraft fleet was ordered earlier. Jakarta said it would purchase 10 units, Hanoi is also in talks to buy up to 1 Su-35 fleet, "the source told Kommersant from FSMTC. A common fleet to 12 aircraft.

Both contracts by Vietnam and Indonesia if the gain is worth billions of dollars per contract.

Pakistan also ordered six planes Su-35 (worth about $ 500 million).

Not to mention the type of aircraft, other Russian weapons capability expressed through war Syria also attract international customers.

That helicopter gunships Mi-28NE, transport aircraft Il-76 for Algeria, Ka-52 for Egypt, and particularly the T-90 is the Gulf countries are interested in following the event rebels Syria used the American TOW missile hit one tank T-90 of Syrian government troops without causing any harm to the increase both!

Air defense missile system S-400 long-range is also being Saudi Arabia attention.

The total value of the contract to buy new weapons, if achieved would be worth 6-7 billion dollars, so a bargain compared to the cost of 33 billion rubles ($ 480 million) that Russia pays for the war in Syria.

In summary, after 6 months of the war in Syria, Russia has adopted the tactic of "an arrow down 2 bird". It is a medium surface combat capability training of soldiers on the battlefield, where powerful demonstration of the new weapon to attract the attention of customers, according to Kommersant quoted a defense official.


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