04 Juni 2014

Boomeranger Boats Brunei Deal

04 Juni 2014

The C-950 has been designed to fit into a 40ft container for easy deployment (photo : Boomeranger)

Finland’s Boomeranger Boats has received a significant order from the Royal Brunei Technical Services consisting of a comprehensive package of special operations boats and equipment with a contract value over €2m (USD2.73 million).

The boats delivered to the Royal Brunei Technical Service’s customer are the Boomeranger’s latest C-950 Special Operation model – a market leader in the 9 to 10m RIB sector. Deliveries will commence later in 2014.

Ilkka Pentikainen, Boomeranger Boats, told Maritime Journal: "In the construction of the boat we have used similar methods as previously used in our C-1200 Special Operation Boat, which we dare to say is the most advanced Special Operation Boat in the world."

He added: "The reason why the C-950 is the game changer is the superiority of the hull design which makes the boat extremely reliable and sea worthy in all conditions and the advanced solutions in the construction of the boat. All this gives you the features of a large Special Operation Boat in a compact package."

The C-950 Special Operation boat measures 9.5m in length, 3.0m beam and with tubes deflated 2.3m. Draft of the hull is 0.7m. 

It's kitted out with two Mercury Verado 300hp engines as standard, which gives it a draft of 1.0m. The company points out the C-950 is at its very best with twin installation 300hp outboard engines. It makes the hull of the boat is extremely stable and is steady in high speeds as well as in sharp corners and rough water conditions, for example in the wake of other vessel in a boarding situation.

But as an alternative, all Boomeranger models can also be equipped with inboard engines and either stern drives or water jets, based on customer requirements. 

The C-950 can be supplied with a 40ft container transportation system for easy troop deployment. This model can be transported on a road trailer which makes it easy to deploy for example on a police special units operations.

Its compact size allows for easy air transportation and this model is also available by air drop delivery.

Previous contracts for the C-950 Special Operation model include the Dusseldorf Fire Department in March 2014.

(Maritime Journal)

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  1. interesting how the Boomranger company is from Finland and has, they dare to say "the most advanced Special Operation Boat in the World" but still the Finnish Special Forces just purchased RIBs from a French /Canadian company (Zodiac Hurricane)...