12 Agustus 2016

Russian Newspaper: Vietnam to Buy Spike NLOS

12 Agustus 2016

Spike NLOS (Spike Non-Line-of-Sight NLOS - multi-purpose tactical missile) is designed for launch from aerial, naval and land platforms. This specific configuration, based on Plasan’s Sandcat, was designed to meet the South Korean requirement. (photo: Rafael, Daum, Taringa)

VPK news pages of Russian military said that Vietnam has expressed particular concern to the Spike NLOS rockets multitasking produced by Israel.

Russian newspapers said the weapons Israel is becoming rivals strife in the traditional markets of Russia, the United States worldwide.

According to Yevgeny Satanovsky, military analyst at the Middle East Institute has compiled data of military technical cooperation between Israel and Russia's second largest trading partner in Asia, Vietnam and India.

According to information made public, now Vietnam has imported technology transfer and receive many weapons produced by Israel, Galil rifles including ACE, TAR-21 rifles, Uzi, anti-tank missiles MATADOR , ACCULAR missile systems.

Besides the weapons were delivered, Russian VPK site said, Vietnam is now expressed interest in Spike NLOS rockets multitasking.

According to Israeli manufacturers introduced, Spike NLOS can range up to 25 km, far beyond the scope of the Spike anti-tank missiles from the United States, Russia and European producers.

Spike NLOS is versatile missile system has a range of up to 25km away. This is considered a remote firing anti-tank missiles in the world today. This type of photovoltaic guided missile with a wireless data link in real time.

It could attack targets in position completely obscured by the system discharge tube Spike NLOS rockets straight use.The has 2 modes including offensive attack directly (for the goal in sight see) or advance the goal thanks to locate the coordinates after being launched (for targets obscured or far away).

Spike NLOS is also equipped with optical guidance system - infrared dual sensor system, it can easily detect targets. This navigation system also helps Spike NLOS precision attack targets day and night in all weather conditions.

In addition to the main performance is killing increased and armored vehicles, the Spike NLOS is also known as anti-ship missiles powerful pole. This very effective missiles in the quest to destroy the amphibious ships, small ships.

So if Spike NLOS Vietnam was selected, the missile will be very suitable for defensive duties in the small islands in the East Sea of ​​Vietnam - where large ships could hardly reach.


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