29 Maret 2017

Kapal PKR Ke-2 akan Diserah-terimakan Oktober 2017

29 Maret 2017

KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai 332 (photo : Piet Sinke)

BUMN Ini Garap Kapal 'Perusak' Canggih Pesanan TNI AL

Jakarta - PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) tengah menyelesaikan kapal perang 'perusak' kedua jenis Guided Missile Frigate/Perusak Kawal Rudal (PKR). Kapal perusak kedua yang tengah dikerjakan BUMN asal Surabaya ini merupakan pesanan TNI AL.

Ini merupakan kapal perusak buatan PT PAL pertama kali untuk kebutuhan dalam negeri. Sebelumnya, kebutuhan kapal jenis PKR ini dipesan dari luar negeri.

"Untuk kita sendiri frigate itu buatan Indonesia pertama kali. Biasanya beli, tetapi ini untuk AL (TNI Angkatan Laut) kita sendiri, belum ekspor," jelas Direktur Utama PAL, Firmansyah Arifin, kepada detikFinance, Selasa (28/3/2017).

KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata 331 (photo : Jakarta Post)

Firmansyah menambahkan, sebelumnya PAL sudah menyerahkan kapal perusak ke TNI AL beberapa waktu lalu. Kemudian untuk pesanan kapal kedua akan dikirim pada Oktober 2017 mendatang.

"Ada dua unit, satu sudah serah terima. Kedua mungkin Oktober-November kita serahkan," tutur Firmansyah.

Kapal perusak ini memiliki panjang 105 meter dengan lebar 14 meter. Kapal ini bisa melesat dengan kecepatan 28 knots. Saat beroperasi, PKR bisa membawa 120 kru kapal.

Kapal perusak ini memiliki kemampuan perang antar permukaan. Dengan tembakan torpedo dan rudal, PKR bisa menenggelamkan kapal perang musuh.

KRI I Gusti Ngurah Rai 332 dan KRI Raden Eddy Martadinata 331 (photo : defence.pk)

"Ini bisa untuk perang 4 matra sekaligus, perang permukaan sesama kapal perang, perang bawah air melawan kapal selam, perang dengan udara pesawat tempur, perang elektronika," kata Firmansyah.

Selanjutnya yang tidak kalah canggih adalah perang elektronika. Kapal perusak ini bisa membajak sistem persenjataan dan kendali dari kapal perang musuh.

"Perang elektronika itu misalnya mengarahkan rudal ke satu titik itu computerized. Kalau di perang elektronik itu di-jammer," tutur Firmansyah.


Japan, PH Now in Talks for Transfer of Helicopter Spare Parts

29 Maret 2017

JGSDF UH-1 Huey (photo : JGSDF)

The Philippines and Japan governments are now in talks for the possible transfer of Bell UH-1 Iroquois ‘Huey’ helicopter spare parts from Japan military for the use of choppers of same class in Philippine Air Force service, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said today, March 27.

This is as Philippine Navy receives 2 TC-90 aircraft from Japan Maritime Self Defense Force.

Secretary Lorenzana also confirmed three more TC-90s are scheduled to be transferred to the Philippines within this year and the next, helping boost the Navy’s patrol and disaster response capabilities.

These transfers are under the Agreement Concerning the Transfer of Defense Equipment and Technology signed by Japan Ambassador to the Republic of the Philippines Kazuhide Ishikawa and former National Defense Secretary Voltaire T. Gazmin February 29, 2016. 


India Bags Myanmar Torpedo Order Worth $38 Million

29 Maret 2017

India has agreed to supply lightweight torpedoes to Myanmar in a US$ 37.9 million-contract which is said to be evidence of a growing arms race between Myanmar and Bangladesh. The torpedoes will be manufactured by government-owned Bharat Dynamics and private company L&T. (photo : defence.pk)

New Delhi (Sputnik) — Earlier this month, the Indian Navy had accepted a proposal of the Myanmar Navy to train their personnel and set up meteorological facilities. "Export of the lightweight torpedoes would follow the earlier supply of sonars, acoustic domes and directing gear to Myanmar," said S. Christopher, chief of the Defense Research and Development Organization.

​In recent years, India successfully entered the Myanmar naval recapitalization bid which was dominated by China. India has supplied HMS-X hull-mounted sonar and radar for Myanmar's Kyan Sittha-class frigates. India also provides night-vision devices, bailey bridges, rocket launchers, mortars, rifles, communication and Inmarsat sets to the armed forces of Myanmar.

India shares a long maritime boundary with Myanmar in the strategically important Bay of Bengal. It will soon hand over the Sittwe port to Myanmar after completing the development process in the next few weeks. This port will be part of the transit corridor through which India expects larger trade share with East Asian countries.


South Korea Donates 222 Military Vehicles to Cambodia

29 Maret 2017

South Korea on 23 March handed over 208 military trucks and 14 engineering vehicles to Cambodia as part of a military aid package. (photo : Cambodian MoD, KhmerTimesKh, CambodiaDaily)

Korea donates military vehicles

South Korea has given more than 200 military vehicles to Cambodia and nearly 200 more will arrive in July.

The first batch were handed over yesterday at a ceremony at the Techo Hun Sen Military Technical Institute in Kampong Speu province.

The trucks, light utility vehicles, excavators, bulldozers, buses, ambulances and cars were deployed in rows in the area where the ceremony took place.

General Chao Phirun, the director-general of the Defense Ministry’s materiel and technical services department, said it was the third time Cambodia had received military aid from South Korea.

He said the 222 vehicles included 208 vehicles of all kinds and 14 pieces of engineering machinery, along with spare parts.

Gen. Phirun said military aid amounting to 145 vehicles, including two patrol boats and eight pieces of engineering machinery, would arrive from South Korea in July.

“The South Korean government could give 30 to 50 more military trucks as well as some spare parts,” he said.

In 2010, Cambodia received 188 vehicles including military trucks, 66 pieces of engineering machinery and utility boats for the navy.

In 2012, a further 212 vehicles and 29 pieces of machinery were granted to Cambodia.

Last August, South Korean military attache to Cambodia Colonel Yung Yeong Chang and incoming attache Colonel Yoo Beom Gi promised to strengthen cooperation with the kingdom.

They met Neang Phat, a secretary of state at the Defense Ministry, and agreed to provide military equipment.

Speaking in the ceremony yesterday, South Korean Vice-Minister of National Defense Kang Byung Joo said 22 types of military vehicles and military engineering machinery had been granted to Cambodia since 2010.

“Following this handover, I believe that it will contribute to promoting the relationship of both countries, enhancing the security capacity of Cambodian military officers and improve military facilities,” he said.

Mr. Kang said Cambodia supports peace and security in his country and had joined the international community to speak out against North Korea’s nuclear test.

Last year, the Cambodian government called for North Korea to fully respect UN resolutions and urged North Korea to comply with all concerned parties to resolve tensions through peaceful negotiations.

Defense Minister Tea Banh said the military aid from South Korea helped the kingdom’s military bring more types of transport into its training.

He said the vehicles would be distributed to various ministry units to maintain social order and peace in Cambodia.

China is also a big donor of military aid to Cambodia. After the ceremony, Gen. Banh said there would be more military aid from other countries in response to Cambodia’s needs, but he did not name the countries.


28 Maret 2017

Malaysian Navy LCS Torpedo Launcher Systems Pass Factory Acceptance Trials

28 Maret 2017

J+S torpedo launcher system for Littoral Combat Ship (photo : J and S)

Torpedo launcher systems for the Royal Malaysian Navy’s six Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) have passed factory acceptance trials, British defense company Sea announced.

The company said it worked with Kuala Lumpur-based project engineering managers Budi Axis Sdn Bhd to achieve acceptance of the first weapons handling system in country.

Torpedo launcher on Gowind LCS (image : far maroc)

J+S Ltd, which was acquired by Cohort company Sea in 2014, was awarded a contract to supply the torpedo launcher systems (TLS) for the new Royal Malaysian Navy vessels in 2014. Delivery of the first system was scheduled for 2017 with the final system due for delivery in 2021.

The torpedo launchers will comprise a pair of triple configuration, composite tubes mounted just aft of midships on the 111m ships. They are compatible with all lightweight NATO standard-sized torpedoes.

LCS Gowind frigate (image : far maroc)

All six sets of handling systems will be manufactured in Malaysia, while production of the system electronics will also be progressively manufactured in Malaysia over the six ship sets.

“The modular nature of the system means that by utilizing a common tube selection panel as part of the combat management system the fire control electronics can be adapted to interface with the ship’s decoy launchers as well as the TLS,” SEA launcher business manager Eric Abretti said.

(Naval Today)

Navy ASW Helis to be Armed with Spike NLOS Missiles

28 Maret 2017

AW-159 Wildcat ASW helicopter with Spike NLOS missile (photo : ThinkDefence)

MANILA (PNA) -- The Philippine Navy (PN)'s first two anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters will be armed with Spike NLOS missiles giving it a capability to engage hostile vessels beyond visual range.

The said weapon manufactured by Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. NLOS is short for "non-line of sight". It was originally designed to destroy tanks.

PN spokesperson Capt. Lincuna said these helicopters are the AgustaWestland AW-159 "Wildcats" which are scheduled to be delivered by 2018.

The Department of National Defense signed a contract with AugustaWestland, now Leonardo, to buy two AW-159 ASW helicopters for PHP5.362 billion, last year.

It will be deployed aboard the two frigates the Philippines has ordered from South Korea worth PHP16 billion.

Lincuna said the PN will be using Spike NLOS as a anti-ship weapon due to its claimed range of 25 kilometers.

"The missile has a built-in camera that allows it to be operated day or night," the PN spokesperson.

"The Spike NLOS weapon system can be operated in either direct attack or mid-course navigation based on target coordinates only. These modes enable defeat of long-range hidden targets, with pinpoint precision, damage assessment and the obtaining of real-time intelligence," weapon manufacturer Rafael said in its website.

Lincuna said the missiles will complement the AW-159s' detection and tracking equipment.

"The helicopters will be a full package, from detection, tracking, up to prosecution," he said. (PNA)

Tiga Tahun Diperbaiki, Casa A-2108 Skadron Udara 4 Lanud Abdurahman Saleh Diserahkan

28 Maret 2017

Pesawat angkut ringan Casa 212 No Register A-2108 milik Skadron Udara 4 Lanud Abd Saleh, Malang (photo : TNI AU)

MALANG | duta.co – Setelah hampir tiga tahun mengalami pemeliharaan mayor Servicing di Sathar 32 Depohar 30 Lanud Abd Saleh Malang, pesawat angkut ringan Casa 212 No Register  A-2108  milik Skadron Udara 4 Lanud Abd Saleh diserahkan kembali ke home basenya bertempat di lapangan apel Sathar 32 Depohar 30.

Casa 212 TNI AU dalam skema warna angkut serbaguna (photo : sindo)

Penyerahan pesawat yang di Komandan Depohar 30 Kolonel Tek Edy Supriyono S.E  kepada Komandan Skadron udara 4 Letkol Pnb Agung Perwira disaksikan oleh Komandan Sathar 32 Letkol Tek Dody Kurniadi  dan para pejabat Depohar 30 beserta anggotanya.

“Setelah hampir tiga tahun tepatnya tanggal 27 Maret 2017 diserahkan ke Skadron Udara 4. Sathar 32 telah berhasil melakukan pengerjaan major servicing (servis berat) pesawat Angkut Ringan Casa 212 dibawah komando Komandan Sathar 32 Letkol Tek Dody Kurniadi, dan telah dilaksanakan test flight beberapa kali dengan hasil baik.” ungkap Komandan Depohar 30 Kolonel Tek Edy Supriyono S.E melalui Kepala Penerangan pangkalan TNI-AU Abd. Saleh, Pakis, Kabupaten Malang, Mayor Hamdi Londong Allo, S.S pada Duta. Co.id ( Sabtu, 27/3).

Casa 212 TNI AU dalam skema warna angkut penumpang (photo : adi cahyadi)

Pesawat Casa 212 merupakan pesawat Angkut ringan buatan PT Dirgantara  Indonesia (DI) dengan nomor Type Engine TPE 331-10R-512C dan nomor Registrasi A-2108 masuk ke Sathar (Satuan Pemeliharaan) untuk pemeliharaan Major Servicing pada tanggal 24 Desemberr 2014 dan  melaksanakan Test Flight 15 Maret s/d 20 maret 2017 pesawat tersebut telah dinyatakan Test Flight dengan baik, tambahnya.

Satuan Pemeliharaan 32 (Sathar 32), satuan pelaksana dibawah Depo Pemeliharaan 30 (Depohar 30) Lanud Abdulrachman Saleh Malang mempunyai tugas melaksanakan pembuatan/perbaikan tingkat berat  beragam pesawat tempur dan Angkut Ringan dari jenis Casa C-212, Su-27/30, Super Tucano EMB 314 dan Hawk 100/200.