25 Juni 2018

$35 Billion Warship Announcement Delayed

25 Juni 2018
BAE Systems Type 26 frigates favoured to win (image : save the royal navy)

$35 billion warship announcement delayed as Cabinet grapples with final project details

A long-awaited announcement on who will build the Navy's next fleet of anti-submarine warships has been delayed as Cabinet debates whether to include a Western Australia-based company in the $35 billion project.

Three foreign defence companies have been shortlisted to design and build Australia's Future Frigates, which are expected to start replacing the ageing Anzac-class warships from the late 2020s.

UK firm BAE Systems is widely favoured to win the lucrative SEA5000 project with its high-tech "Type 26" frigate offering, but is competing against Fincantieri of Italy with its FREMM, and Navantia of Spain with an updated F100.

There is also growing industry speculation that if BAE Systems secures the $35-billion contract Australia would be likely to sign one of the first Free Trade Agreements with the UK after Brexit, and could soon begin to export Bushmaster vehicles to the British Army.

Defence insiders say a Future Frigates announcement was scheduled to be made last week, but a late push to allow West Australian-based shipbuilder Austal to be part of the build has complicated the process.

Last month Austal was cut out from a $3 billion project to construct the Navy's new Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) after negotiations with the winning German designer Luerssen broke down.

The ABC has been told following Austal's exclusion from the OPV build, West Australian members of Cabinet are particularly keen for the shipbuilder to play a role in the construction of the nine Future Frigates, which will all be assembled in Adelaide.

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne would not be drawn on whether a role for Austal was being considered, but hinted a final decision on the Frigates project could still be a few weeks away.

"The Government has said that we will make an announcement about the successful tenderer in mid this year which is June and July," Mr Pyne said.

"We will definitely do that.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, the most senior West Australian figure in Cabinet, said it would be inappropriate to comment on "an issue that is pursuant to a tender" but added "we certainly support the WA shipbuilding industry, we support Austal ships and we want to see more jobs in shipbuilding across Australia".

However, the deputy Liberal leader declined to say if she had made any specific representations to her Cabinet colleagues for Austal to be included in the Future Frigates program.

"We continually make representations as West Australian Liberal members and senators to support West Australian business and more jobs in Western Australia, and we're delighted that the Federal Government has rolled out such a significant shipbuilding program across Australia and that there will be many more jobs in shipbuilding as a result of the Turnbull Government's policies," she said.

The ABC asked Austal whether it was also lobbying the Federal Government to be allowed to take part in the construction of the new frigates, but the company declined to comment.


Helikopter Dauphin Gantikan BO-105 untuk Misi PBB di Lebanon

25 Juni 2018

Helikopter Dauphin AS 365 N3 nomor HR 3601 Puspenerbal TNI AL (photos : Penerbal)

Puspenerbal Siap Memberangkatkan Helikopter Dauphin AS 365 N3 - HR 3601 Untuk Misi MTF-Unifil di Lebanon

Juanda, Selasa (19/6/18) Maritim Task Force (MTF) Unifil merupakan salah satu tugas TNI AL untuk mendukung misi perdamaian di bawah PBB sebagai langkah politik strategis Pemerintahan negara Republik Indonesia untuk ikut serta dalam mendukung perdamaian dunia di Lebanon. Pada awalnya untuk mewujudkan misi turut serta dalam mendukung ketertiban dunia, Indonesia telah mengirimkan Pasukan penjaga Perdamaian PBB pertama kalinya pada tanggal 8 Januari 1957 ke Mesir. Kemudian seiring dengan perjalanan waktu, dalam meneruskan misi perdamaian dunia, tepatnya pada tanggal 18 April 2009 TNI Angkatan Laut telah mulai mengambil bagian pada misi perdamaian dunia melalui Maritime Task Force (MTF) Unifil XXVIII-A di bawah Commander Task Force (CTF) 448 di Lebanon dengan mengirimkan KRI Dipenogoro-365, dimana pada saat itu dilengkapi dengan Helikopter Bolkow-105 Nv-414 sebagai unsur Senjata Armada terpadu yang melekat dengan KRI. 

Namun seiring dengan perjalan waktu, dalam menjalankan misi tersebut PBB menuntut helikopter yang beroperasi untuk menjalankan misi MTF tersebut harus sesuai dengan standar kualifikasi PBB. Sehingga dalam rangka memenuhi standar kualifikasi tersebut, TNI Angkatan Laut tidak lagi dapat mengirim helikopter jenis BO-105, karena menurut penilaian PBB helikopter tersebut sudah tidak sesuai dengan standar yang dipersayaratkan. 

Untuk itu TNI AL menyiapkan helikopter DAUPHIN AS-365 N3+ HR-3601 sebagai penggantinya. Hal ini merupakan wujud keseriusan dan komitmen dari Indonesia untuk memberikan yang terbaik bagi PBB. Namun demikian untuk dapat menilai apakah helikopter yang disiapkan oleh TNI AL memenuhi kriteria yang disyaratkan oleh PBB, maka PBB mengirimkan delegasinya untuk menilai secara langsung kesiapan helikopter tersebut di Puspenerbal melalui kegiatan Pre Deployment Visit atau PDV.

Kegiatan tersebut dilaksanakan di Ruang Rapat Mako Puspenerbal yang dihadiri oleh Waasops Kasal, Komandan Puspenerbal dan jajaran, perwakilan dari Mabes TNI serta Mr. Martin Lopez Gomez sebagai delegasi dari PBB yang akan menilai kesiapan helikopter DAUPHIN AS-365 N3+ HR-3601 dan memberikan rekomendasi penilaiannya secara profesional ke MTF UNIFIL PBB. 

Sesuai dengan standar yang dipersyaratkan oleh PBB bahwa helikopter DAUPHIN AS-365 N3+ HR-3601 yang akan Onboard di KRI Hasanudin telah dilengkapi dengan 17 peralatan sehingga memiliki 12 kemampuan sebagai berikut: 

1. Mampu beroperasi di siang dan malam hari; 
2. Pengamatan siang hari dan malam hari 
3. Berkontribusi dalam menentukan gambaran situasi udara; 
4. Melaksanakan operasi dengan kapal-kapal MTF yang lain 
5. Mampu melaksanakan evakuasi medis dan angkutan udara; 
6. Mampu melaksanakan angkut ringan pasukan maupun logistik. 
7. Mampu melaksanakan dukungan udara 
8. Mampu melaksanakan pencarian dan pertolongan; 
9. Mampu melaksanakan penerbangan intrument pada siang dan malam hari 
10. Mampu melaksanakan penghindaran darurat 
11. Dilengkapi dengan Transponder mode C dan S 
12. Mampu melaksanakan penerbangan minimal 2 jam per hari.


Senate Supports Early Acquisition of Submarines for Navy

25 Juni 2018

DND will purchase 1-2 submarine for Navy (photo : thaifighterclub)

The announcement of Department of National Defense (DND) that the Philippines will be acquiring submarines in the Second Horizon of Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program for the Philippine Navy was commended by Senator Richard J. Gordon.

“We are one of four countries in Asia that do not have submarines. If the report about the purchase is true, I endorse and I am elated by it. We should go by the way of the Japanese. During the Meiji Restoration, their motto was ‘enrich the nation; strengthen the military,” he said.

The DND announced this week that the purchase of diesel-electric submarines had been moved from Horizon 3 to Horizon 2 of AFP modernization. Projects under Horizon 2 will be implemented from 2018 to 2022, while Horizon 3 projects will run from 2023 to 2028.

“Matagal ko nang sinasabi na dapat itaas ang antas ng kagamitan ng ating Hukbong Pandagat, Hukbong Panghimpapawid at ng buong Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas para may laban naman tayo. Para katulad ng Finland, kahit papaano nirerespeto ng Russia dahil nilabanan sila in the 1930’s… Kung umangan tayo ng barko, umangan tayo ng eroplano nila e tiklop tayo. Dapat kahit papaano meron tayong panabla,” Senator Gordon said added.

He also pointed out that unlike some of its Asian neighbors like China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, among others, the Philippines had one of the lowest military expenditure which is why it has one of the weakest militaries

“The Philippines had one of the lowest military expenditures. We only spent around 1 percent of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on defense spending, which is behind the Southeast Asian average of around 2 percent of the GDP. Kaya it is really a positive development that DND had the fifth largest budget in this year’s budget GAA (General Appropriations Act). I also insisted last year on allocating a portion of the proceeds from TRAIN for the AFP modernization program,” he said.


New Zealand to Purchase Four Boeing P-8A Poseidon

25 Juni 2018

The Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol planes are expected to replace a fleet of retiring P-3K planes. (photo : Air Team)

Defence Minister Ron Mark one step closer to replacing old military planes

Defence Minister Ron Mark is one step closer to making the biggest defence procurements in recent years.

Mark will take his proposal to purchase up to four Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol planes from the United States to the Cabinet Government Administration and Expenditure Review Committee on Monday.

The planes, which would replace replace its retiring P-3 maritime patrol fleet, could cost up to US$1.4 billion (NZ$2.03 billion).This would be one of the most significant purchases, since the frigate upgrade.

Ron Mark's procurement proposal will go to the Cabinet committee on Monday. And while he said he did not want to preempt the final Cabinet decision, he told people to "buckle up".

However, the New Zealand Defence Force says the price is likely to be less than that.

Once the Cabinet committee had seen the proposal, it would have to go to Cabinet, before a decision on the purchase was made. There was no set date for the proposal to go to cabinet, but Mark said that was expected to happen before the end of July.

During a Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee hearing earlier this month, Mark said he had to start "from scratch" on the procurement plan, when he took on the job as minister, last year.

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23 Juni 2018

DBM to Evaluate Acquisition of AFP Modernization Projects

23 Juni 2018

If needed the number of equipment could be reduced to comply with budget (photo : FNSS)

MANILA -- While stressing that the list of equipment it wants for Horizon Two of the Revised Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization Program is final, it is still up to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to evaluate and decide which platform to acquire first, a defense department official said Thursday.

Department of National Defense (DND) spokesperson Arsenio Andolong said the list of equipment will still be evaluated by the DBM, which will then locate the possible source of funding and prioritize the acquisition of the platform.

The DND, if needed, can also reduce the number of equipment it has shortlisted for Horizon Two, to comply with the PHP300 billion stipulated for the procurement of military equipment scheduled for 2018 to 2022.

Horizon One was implemented from 2013 to 2017 and resulted in the acquisition of the three Del Pilar-class frigates, 12 FA-50PH light-lift interim fighters, two strategic sealift vessels, to name a few. Horizon Three is slated for 2023 up to 2028.

AFP wish list for Horizon 2 with the budget PHP 300 billlion ($5.6 billion) (image : MaxDefense)

"In the case of (diesel-electric) submarines, we can get just one or two, if needed, and for the multi-role fighters, we don't need to get the whole squadron (12 aircraft). We can just get six, we can comply with the budget," Andolong said in Filipino.

Equipment slated for acquisition during Horizon Two are towed and self-propelled howitzers, multiple launch rocket systems, armored recovery vehicles, five support vehicles, tactical radios, ground mobility equipment (light, medium, heavy), individual weapons, crew-served weapons, and night-fighting equipment for the Army; multi-role fighters, radar systems, and light and medium lift aircraft.

Also to be acquired are heavy lift helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters (attack and combat utility), special mission and long-range patrol aircraft for the Air Force; frigates, corvettes, submarines, amphibious assault vehicles, anti-submarine helicopters, attack crafts, medium lift helicopters, and multi-role vessels for the Navy.

Also being eyed are combat engineer, force protection, explosive ordnance disposal, chemical biological radiological nuclear, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and medical equipment.


TNI AL Gelar Operasi Petir Mandau untuk Pengamanan ALKI III

23 Juni 2018

KRI Terapang 648 (photo : Republika)

Unsur Koarmada II Tetap Waspada Jaga Perairan Indonesia

Komandan Gugus Keamanan Laut (Danguskamla) Koarmada II Kolonel Laut (P) Kisdiyanto setelah melaksanakan Patroli Udara menggunakan pesawat Cassa U-6206 di Alur Laut Kepulauan Indonesia (ALKI) III menyempatkan diri untuk mengunjungi KRI Terapang (TRG)-648 dan Lanal Gorontalo. KRI TRG-648 yang tengah melaksanakan Operasi Petir Mandau - 18 sedang melaksanakan Tapkonis dan Bekal Ulang Logistik Cair di Pelabuhan Pelindo Gorontalo. Kamis, (19/06/2018).

Setibanya di Bandar Udara Jalaludin, Danguskamla Koarmada II disambut oleh Komandan Lanal Gorontalo, Letkol Laut (P) Tony Sundah dan Komandan KRI Terapang- 648, Letkol Laut (P) Yohanes Berchmans. Pesud U-6206 yang sedang melaksanakan Bekal Ulang Logistik Cair dalam kesempatan tersebut digunakan Danguskamla Koarmada II untuk mengunjungi dan mengecek kesiapan Unsur dan Pangkalan guna mendukung pelaksanaan operasi TNI AL di Gorontalo.

KRI Terapang yang sudah melaksanakan Operasi Petir Mandau-18 sejak tanggal 1 Juni 2018.

Di kapal perang jajaran Satuan Kapal Cepat (Satkat) Koarmada II, seluruh prajurit KRI mendapatkan arahan khusus dari Danguskamla yang menyamapaikan bahwa, kepada seluruh personel yang melaksanakan Jaga agar meningkatkan Awarness Penjagaan, Selalu fokus dalam melaksanakan penjagaan, baik yang berada di anjungan maupun jaga di mesin, Melaksanakan ronda keliling setiap jam mengecek kondisi ruangan dan peralatan yang operasional, Seluruh personel harus konsentrasi dan tetap alert terhadap perubahan, serta yang tidak kalah penting adalah agar masing-masing personel tahu tugas dan tanggung jawabnya.

Pesawar NC-212 U-6206 Skuadron 600 Penerbal (photo : Wiraaryaguna)

"Operasi Petir Mandau-18 adalah Operasi Keamanan Laut di ALKI, sehingga unsur yang bertugas harus melaksanakan patroli dengan sebaik-baiknya. Berikan hal yang terbaik demi nama baik TNI AL dan bakti kepada NKRI, seluruh personel juga diharapkan untuk menjaga Kondisi Teknis kapal, dan jangan mengambil resiko yang berbahaya karena keselamatan personel dan materil adalah yang utama atau Safety is Paramount", ungkapnya.

Selesai memberikan pengarahan ke seluruh prajurit KRI, selanjutnya Danguskamla Koarmada II menuju Lanal Gorontalo untuk meninjau sarana dan prasarana dalam rangka menunjang pelaksanaan tugas TNI AL. Adapun sarana yang baru saja selesai dibangun adalah Perumahan Perwira dan Rusunawa untuk prajurit Lanal, Pembangunan Rusunawa untuk prajurit ini adalah wujud kerjasama TNI AL dengan Kementrian PUPR.

Setelah kunjungan ke KRI dan Lanal, Danguskamla Koarmada II kembali ke Bandara Jalaludin untuk melanjutkan patroli menggunakan Cassa U-6206.


DoD Contracts Two Gulfstream G550s for FMS Customer, Likely Australia

23 Juni 2018

Australia has a requirement for up to five G550 aircraft to be converted into special mission platforms by L-3. To date, contracts for four of the 'green' airframes have been awarded. (photo : Gulfstream Aerospace)

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has contracted two ‘green’ Gulfstream G550 business-jet aircraft to be converted into special mission platforms for a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customer, most likely Australia.

A USD83 million contract was awarded to L-3 Communications on 21 June to procure the two aircraft. The award, which was granted by the 645th Aeronautical Systems Group (ASG) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, is set to run through to August 2021. The 645th ASG, commonly known as ‘Big Safari’, is responsible for the rapid procurement and fielding of new weapons systems, sensors, and platforms for domestic and international operators.

Australia's new Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare (AISREW) platform based on the Gulfstream G550, will probably look like this. (Photo: Gulfstream)

In June 2017 the DoD approved the sale to Australia of up to five G550 aircraft fitted with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and electronic warfare (EW) mission systems, with integration work to be carried out by L-3 in Greenville, Texas. A contract for the procurement of the first two ‘green’ aircraft for conversion was awarded in January 2016, with this latest awarded being for a second two. The total value of the procurement if all the options are exercised is USD1.3 billion.