17 Januari 2012

HQ272 Warship Handed Over to Vietnam Navy

17 Januari 2012

TT400TP project ship -HQ-272 (all photos : QDND/BaoDatViet)

HQ 272 ships cannon military HQ from Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company (General Department of Defense Industry) shall be delivered to the Navy to put to use. This is the first warship production by Vietnam.

The ship is very modern design, more features, when Vietnam combat at sea, equipped with weapons, modern weapons such as AK 630 guns, combination of low altitude air defense missiles, radar systems, system identify the enemy, electro optic systems, cannon ammunitions, rockets. It is able to continuously operate offshore for 30 days and nights at sustained winds of force 9-10 and waves of force 8. The ship has an operating range of 2,500 miles.

After two years of implementation, the ship HQ 272 was tested and fired live ammunition test, all parameters are guaranteed by design. Navy ships are, the design agency and the Council accepted the Ministry of Defence appreciated the technical quality, fine art, gain full technical features, strategy as approved by the General Chief of Staff of Vietnam People's Army.

Admiral Pham Ngoc Minh, Deputy Commander Chief of Navy, said the ship HQ 272 will contribute to increased combat power for Vietnam Navy, and most importantly, Vietnam is gradually mastering shipbuilding technology, created the initiative in ensuring the technical, equipment, facilities, weapons for national defense and security tasks.

According to Minh, the ship will make the trip patrols to protect sovereign waters, islands and continental shelf of the country.

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