29 Januari 2012

Vietnam Made Automatic Grenade Launcher

29 Januari 2012

Grenate launcher MGL Mk-1 (photo ; BaoDatViet)

Institute of the General Armament Department of Defense Industry of Vietnam has successfully made sizes 40mm grenade launcher.

The scientific staff of the Institute of Armament (General Department of Defense Industry) completed the study design, trial manufacture of hand-held grenade launcher loader revolver type size 40mm MGL Mk-1 (grenade launcher).

Trial-manufactured products, including grenade launchers and optical viewfinder RDS sync type, the test has achieved the requirements set out in terms of skills, tactics.

Gun weighs 6.3 kg; revolvers contain up to 6 rounds, firing rate 18phat/phut, loader can automatically after each shot. Guns used to be the size 40mm ammunition as the M406 bullet damage, fire smoke M79T.

Hand grenade launcher to fire semi-automatic revolver type size 40mm MGL, the military is using more water because of advantages such as high-speed shooting, big powerful, compact structure, which can be equipped for personal use in accordance with division-level units.The study of the experimental success of this gun opened up the possibility of mass production to put our equipment in the military.

With the experimental success grenade launcher, the authors have completed the construction of the document: Drawings and technical conditions of a grenade launcher; drawings and technical conditions of RDS type optical viewfinder ; user manual grenade launcher.

Remarkable success of the writer's work is formed methodological weapon system in the absence of template; well combine theoretical study with experimental development, to address emerging issues students consistent with the level of science and technology in the country; be more creative in choosing working principles, construction plans, as well as technology solutions designed to produce good quality products to meet the requirements set out.

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