12 Mei 2015

HQ 185 Da Nang Submarine Coming Home

12 Mei 2015

Rolldock Storm freighter is the latest 4 ship in OOG cargo ships Rolldock firm, three other ships are Rolldock Sun, Rolldock Sea and Rolldock Star (photo : Rolldock)

Cargo ships of the carrier Rolldock Storm was in the Baltic Sea and is heading to the port of St. Petersburg (Russia), where Da Nang submarines are anchored.

Month 3/2015, carriers of Dutch Rolldock officially get transport contracts Kilo 185 Da Nang submarines from Russia to Vietnam. This is the fourth Kilo of Vietnamese Navy.

Dark 06.05.2015, Rolldock Storm ship set out from the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) over the North Sea to the Baltic, is expected to be the next 11/5 St.Petersburg port - where Da Nang submarines are docked.

After arriving in St. Petersburg, Rolldock Storm will ship Da Nang ships and transported to the Cam Ranh military port. Expected to lose an average of 1.5 months.

Rolldock that carriers have received contracts to send three of Vietnam 636.1 Kilo submarine. Accordingly, the ship took the Kilo 182 Hanoi to Cam Ranh by Rolldock Sea on 31/12/2013. The second vessel Kilo 183 Ho Chi Minh was put on date 03.19.2014 by Rolldock Star.

Rolldock Star freighters also brought the third Kilo 184 Haiphong to Vietnam on 01/28/2015. And tasks to transport Kilo Da Nang with Rolldock Storm.

The reason behind Vietnam choosing Rolldock is famous carriers with responsibility and efficiency. Rolldock had transport submarines for China, India and some other European countries.

Shown is the HQ Khanh Hoa (left) and HQ Da Nang (right) in the waters in front of the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg, Russia on 23.04.2015 (photo: Airbase)

Reportedly, the transport technology of the ship when transporting submarines, Rolldock will spray cooling water on goods crossing the tropical waters, closed compartment, using multiple software and equipment fixed automation to goods during transportation.

Rolldock Storm is the latest in 4 OOG cargo ships of the company.

Rolldock has 151 m long vessel, with a load of 8,000 tons, 119.44 m long cargo compartment and 19.4 m horizontal. Boats equipped with two 350 ton Liebherr cranes.

When cargo like Kilo submarines, ships sink to 12 meters of water to the submarine was towed into the cargo hold easily.

Information from the Russian side said the submarine bearing number 185 of the Vietnam navy is in perfect condition and ready for the task water.

On 03/28/2014, Da Nang ship launched. Then underwent a series of tests by the standards of the Russian army. Next on 12/17/2014, ship crew Da Nang of Vietnam practice on the Baltic Sea and back dated 09.02.2015 to the Admiralty.

On 25/4, Da Nang train moving from factory to Admiralty Shipyards Northern to remove from the casing and complete the final part preparation before the handover.


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