19 November 2014

BRP Artemio Ricarte Getting P249.6M Upgrade

19 November 2014

BRP Artemio Ricarte PS-37 corvette (photo : US Navy)

BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37), one of the three Emilio Jacinto-class patrol corvettes, is getting a marine engineering upgrade worth PhP249,671,000 as part of Armed Forces of the Philippines Modernization through the Department of National Defense to ensure combat readiness and seaworthiness of current assets of Philippine Navy.

The said marine engineering upgrade is the second phase of upgrade. Phase one which was completed in 2005 consisted of brand-new M242 Bushmaster 25mm-cannon installation, upgrade of Command and Control & Fire Control Systems. Raytheon Gyro Compass, Sperry Marine Naval BridgeMaster E Series Surface Search Radar, GPS, Anemometer, and EM logs were also integrated in the system of BRP Ricarte.

On the second phase, the ship’s hull will be repaired and undergo remediation. Main propulsion system will be overhauled and improved including control and monitoring systems, electrical plant, and auxiliary systems.

BRP Ricarte is also armed with an Oto Melara 76-mm gun.

The three Jacinto-class patrol corvettes previously served the Royal Navy for Hong Kong as Peacock-class patrol vessels. However, in 1997, when sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred to China from United Kingdom, three Peacock-class vessels were sold to Philippine government as sign of good-will.


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