26 November 2014

DSME Wins Order for 6 Malaysian Navy Corvettes

26 November 2014

The corvettes model was fitted with a 76mm Oto Melara main gun, 4x Kongsberg NSM anti-ship missiles, 2x MSI 30mm guns located aft, and several South Korean made sensors, most of them from Samsung Thales. (photos : Defense Studies)

The DSME has obtained an order to build 6 battleships from the Malaysian government, taking part in the country's naval modernization project.

The DSME said on Nov. 24 that it received an order for six corvettes from the Malaysian Navy on Nov. 24. A corvette is a kind of warship designed for quick offense and defense, mostly used for patrolling coastal areas.

The order specifies vessels weighing approximately 1,800 tons. The DSME said that three units will be built at Geojedo Okpo shipyard and delivered to Malaysia in order, and the other three units will be built in Malaysia by delivering them in block form.

Maintaining a close relationship between the DSME, which focuses on fostering the defense industry, and the Malaysian Navy formed the foundation of the order.

The DSME previously achieved orders for battleships from England, Norway, Thailand, and Bangladesh, since winning orders for three submarines from Indonesia in 2011.

(Business Korea)

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