04 Mei 2015

Airbus Delivered Third and Last C-295M Transport Aircraft for Vietnam

04 April 2015

C295M 8903 with serial number EC-001 of the VPAF (photo : Ray Abela)

The military transport aircraft C-295M bearing number 8903 Tuesday officially take off from the Spain runway to Vietnam.

According photos shared on Airplane-pictures.net the transport aircraft CASA C-295M Tuesday bearing number 8903, also the last one in the contract of 3 transport aircraft by company Airbus DS (Group of the European Airbus) manufactured for Vietnam Air Force, officially took off up the road to Vietnam to conduct the final handover procedures.

Images are photographer Mark Paul Brockdorff share on Airplane-pictures.net showed Tuesday 29/4, the last C-295M Vietnam Air Force made ​​the first leg in Malta in executive aviation flight to Vietnam.

The third C-295M for VPAF (photo : Mark Paul Brockdorff)

C-295M aircraft 8903 serial numbered EC-001. While previous series is 132.

This is one of three military transport aircraft and the most modern new soon to be inducted by the Air Force Vietnam.

Two C-295M aircraft was previously Vietnam receipt bearing number 8902 EC-003 (second one) and EC-8901 and number 004 (the first). 

Only few days, Vietnam Air Force will be equipped with enough sets of 3 modern military transport aircraft C-295M, gradually replace the An-24 was obsolete Soviet-made.


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