08 Januari 2011

Indonesia Orders Sherpa Light Scout Vehicle

08 Januari 2011

Sherpa light scout vehicle (photo : Defpro)

Renault Trucks Defense Receive New Orders from Indonesia

Renault Trucks Defense has signed two contracts with PT PINDAD (Persero) to supply vehicles type Sherpa light Scout and powerpacks kits fitted on the Panser, for the needs of Indonesian Armed Forces.

Renault Trucks Defense will provide to PT Pindad, a state Indonesian company supplier of equipment, the first units of Sherpa Light Scout with hard top cargo.

The Indonesian Armed Forces has chosen the Sherpa light as recce vehicles to accompany the armoured Panser 6x6.

Renault Trucks Defense will supply 12 units of powerpacks VAB 320 (engine, transmission, cooling system, drop box) to equip the Panser vehicles. Two years ago, Renault Trucks Defense sold 150 powerpacks to PT PINDAD.

(Renault Trucks Defense)

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