13 Januari 2011

Thales's Support for Maritime Tactical Network

13 Januari 2011

Maritime tactical network (image : Thales)

Thales Australia has built on its successful participation in the Department of Defence’s establishment of a Maritime Tactical Wide Area Network, with the in-service support contract under SEA 1442 Phase 3 becoming operative.

The five-year contract involves the company providing a range of engineering, maintenance, supply and help desk support for the system.

SEA 1442/3 has introduced an Internet Protocol (IP) based Maritime Tactical Wide Area Network (MTWAN) into the Royal Australian Navy, supporting the Australian Defence Force’s Network Centric Warfare concept and providing the foundation for future maritime communication systems integration and implementation.

Chris Jenkins, Thales Australia’s CEO, said the contract allowed room for further enhancements: “SEA 1442/3 is the foundation architecture that will allow the evolution of tactical maritime communication and information systems into a network enabled capability.”

“Thales Australia has the expertise to deliver cost-effective support that ensures high levels of performance, plus the potential for systems upgrade as new technologies become available.”

“We are also well placed to offer a wide range of solutions for other Australian maritime programs, from the upgrade of existing equipment to the introduction of new capabilities, as shown by our recent contract to deliver a satellite communications system for the Air Warfare Destroyers.”


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