15 Februari 2012

Russia, Vietnam to Jointly Manufacture Anti-Ship Missiles

15 Februari 2012

The Uran SS-N-25 Switchblade/Kh-35E subsonic anti-ship missile has a range of up to 250 kilometers /135 nautical miles (photo/image : ausairpower/warfare.ru)

Russia and Vietnam are planning to start in 2012 joint production of a modified anti-ship missile, head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Mikhail Dmitriyev said on Wednesday.

“We are planning to build facilities in Vietnam for the production of a version of the Russian Uran [SS-N-25 Switchblade] missile in a project that is similar to joint Russian-Indian production of the BrahMos missile,” Dmitriyev said.

The Uran subsonic anti-ship missile can be launched from helicopters, surface ships and coastal defense batteries. It has a range of up to 250 kilometers (135 nautical miles) and carries a 145-kilogram high explosive warhead.

Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos Aerospace Ltd, set up in 1998, manufactures supersonic cruise missiles based on the Russian-designed NPO Mashinostroyenie 3M55 Yakhont (SS-N-26).

Sea- and ground-launched versions have been successfully tested and put into service with the Indian Army and Navy.

(RIA Novosti)

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