18 September 2012

Largest Transport Aircraft of the Vietnamese Air Force

18 September 2012

Currently, An-26 played a key role aircraft in Vietnam's Air Force transport (photo : ttvnol, airliners, jetphotos)

Transport aircraft An-26 Soviet design from the 1960s, made ​​a major role military cargo. When needed, itcan also be used to transport troops even to deploy troops.

Soviet first transferred An-26 to Vietnam in the early 1980s. Today, the An-26 is mainly asset at the Air Force Division 371 units.

It can be said, An-26 is the largest transport aircraft in the Vietnam People's Air Force. Load of the An-26 is about 5.5 tons (or 40 passengers).

Aircraft equipped with two turbine rotors Progress AI-24VT allows to reach a speed of 440km / h, range 2,500 km (maximum carrying fuel) or 1.100km (maximum carrying load), ceiling 7.500m.

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