01 September 2012

Second Gunboats TT400TP Officially Handed Over to Navy

01 September 2012

 The ceremony of handed over HQ273 to the Vietnam Navy (photo ttvnol)

Hong Ha Shipyard held consoles gunboat TT400TP (No. HQ-273) for the Vietnam People's Navy. On 31/8, in Haiphong, Hong Ha shipbuilding company, under the General Department of Defence Industry, held a hand over the ship HQ-273 gun (gun ship 2) for the Navy. Lieutenant General Tran Quang Khue, Deputy Chief of Staff ceremony handed over the ship.

HQ-273 gun ship of the 2 Honghe company completed and handed over to the Navy.

HQ-272 and HQ-273 is a TT400TP class gunboat (photo : phunutoday)

HQ-273 of TT400TP type has a length of 54.16 m, a width of 9.16 m, the largest stretch of water is 446 tons, the average amount of water recreation is 413 tons, the ability to go to the beach when the sea level 6, level 8 .

Before delivery, the HQ-273 through the test phase 1, test distance and test the Air firing at sea level and accepting the end of ship crew training both phases.

From 6/2012 to now, the ship went through 8 to continue the voyage quality control and test council levels evaluated as to achieve the design requirements and quality, as well as aesthetics.

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