17 April 2013

Aron Eyes 20 Littoral Combat WIG Order from Indonesia

17 April 2013

Aron M50 WIG aircraft (photo : dcn)

According to several South Korean media, Indonesian Navy and Coast Guard would be interested in ordered up to 20 Aron wing in ground effect craft, following an initial order of 2 units by the government. 

Aron M50 during demonstartions in Indonesia (photo : Maritimepress)

Aron would be offering the M50 variant of its craft in a littoral combat configuration to the Indonesian Navy and Coast Guard.

Aron M50 littoral combat configuration (image : Aron)

Equipped with Optronics systems and a small naval radar, an armed Aron M50 can fire small anti-ship missiles or guided rockets to attack larger ships.

Marina for WIG operation in Ulleung-Do Korea (image : dcn)

In its basic configuration, the WIG craft is capable of reaching a top speed of 200 Km/h and has a range of 800 Km.

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