01 April 2013

The First Molniya Made by Vietnam will be Joined to the Navy

01 April 2013

Project 1241.8 Molniya, the missile boat has length 56.1m, displacement 550 ton (photo : giaoduc)

(ĐVO) - After a startup time and hard work, the first high-speed missile boats Molniya made by Vietnam is going to be joined in the arsenal.

Recently in LIMA 2013 defense exhibition held in Malaysia, Director General Vympel Shipyard , Mr. Oleg Belkov revealed that the first of six high-speed missile boats Molniya (Lightning) under the Project 1241.8 is being built in Vietnam under the Russian license, and will be delivered to customers by the end of 2013.

"Right now, the second one is in the workshop and the third is preparing to play."

Thus, the missile ship is strong as the uncle, "he read," first played by Vietnam may have been launched and run sea trials. In the end of the year, the ship will be delivered to the Navy in Vietnam, contributing to strengthening the fight for the whole fleet.

Vympel Shipbuilding Plant has helped Vietnam in close range missile ships Moniya under Project 1241.8. Vympel and Vietnam provide parts and synchronization details such as radar, weapons, electronic systems for assembly 6 Vietnamese high-speed missile boats Moniya in chain transfer agreement shipbuilding technology under license from Russia.

In the shipbuilding process in Vietnam, with the participation of technical supervision from the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau in Saint-Petersburg and Vympel Shipyard.

Vietnam plans to close all 10 cruise missiles of this type, of which 6 units are in a contract made under license in Vietnam, the first four ships Molniya be played in Russia and fully handed over to the Vietnam Navy.

Vympel plant started supplying parts and components for the six ships of the Vietnam since 2010 in the framework of the contract and this work will continue until 2016.

According to schedule, late December  2012, combination of science and manufacturing gas tubine Zoria-Ukrainian Mashproekt just completed unit provides gas turbine engine next to Vietnam for installation on Molniya missile ships are packed in the factory.

This is the result of cooperation between ZORYA-Mashproekt (Ukraine) and Vympel Shipbuilding Plant (Russia) on the provision of motor ships, in Khuong suffering agreement Intergovernmental Russia-Ukraine.

According to the plan, until the end of 2013, ZORYA-Mashproekt will ensure complete unit offers four gas turbine engines for Vietnam to ensure the progress of shipbuilding missiles Molniya.


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