12 Januari 2015

Haiphong's Way Home Very Late from Plan

12 Januari 2015

HQ-184 Haiphong will arrive at Cam Ranh Bay in early February 2015 (photo : Tin Nong)

Transports super important Rolldock Star of Dutch firms Rolldock sail in Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad departure, carrying submarines for Vietnam Haiphong 15-12 on the afternoon local time ie early morning of April 16-12 , hourly Vietnam.

At 13h56 UTC on 25-12 (ie Vietnam 20h56 GMT), Rolldock Star ship had intercepted the first stop when the ship docked in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain, located on the Atlantic Ocean to receive food supplies and fuel.

After a short break leg about 9 hours, at 22h58 UTC 25-12 days (ie 05h58 hourly Vietnam 26-12 days), the ship continued to sail up the road transport HQ-184 Kilo submarines Haiphong in Vietnam.

Expected to ship about to Vietnam by the end of the month 1-2015, after about a month and a half journey on the sea, across the Atlantic, around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa to the Indian Ocean, then across the Strait Malacca to the South China Sea.

According to the original schedule, the ship will be docked 1 Singapore to receive resupply, then cruise through the Strait of Singapore, in the South China Sea to Vietnam. According to data from the transport ship will dock Star Rolldock Singapore at around 19:00 UTC on 15-1-2015 (ie 02h00 hourly Vietnam dated 16-1-2015).

However, there will be ship Star of Vietnam Rolldock late because according to the latest information on the itinerary pages shipping, will ship docked in Singapore at 19:00 UTC on 24-1-2014 (ie 02h00 Day 25-1 -2015), slower than expected journey of about 10 days.

As originally planned, the ship will be docked Rolldock Star Cam Ranh - Vietnam at around 27 January 2015. But on 25-1-2015 new ships to the port of Singapore. So, make sure that the ship will arrive Rolldock Star Cam Ranh Bay in early February 2015, slower than expected 7-10 days.

Before that, due to weather problems and techniques, ship Rolldock Star also depart for Vietnam on 16-12-2014, one week later than originally planned as 10-12 days. Thus, the water phase of Haiphong calculated Kilo has been delayed for at least half a month than originally planned.

Currently, cruise ships Rolldock Star on the south coast of the Atlantic Ocean, passed the city of Cape Town South Africa, preparing to move through the Cape of Good Hope, to enter the Indian Ocean region.

At 23h53 UTC on 8-1 (06h53 minutes away on the same day, by the hour Vietnam), Rolldock Star ship in position 34 degrees 06 minutes south latitude and 18 degrees 00 minutes east longitude, moving with a velocity of 13.6 nm / h, in the direction of 143 degrees.

Reportedly, this is the "reunion" 2nd Cam Ranh port's cargo transport ship-Star Rolldock super important. Earlier, the ship was transporting the 2nd in a series of six Kilo submarines Vietnam is HQ-183 TP. Ho Chi Minh City on November 20-3-2014 water.


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