06 Januari 2015

PMC Acquire New GPMG, Sniper Rifles and Close Combat Optics

06 Januari 2014

M-14 sniper rifle (photo : airsoft)

Marines acquire 220 units of 7.62mm GPMGs

MANILA (PNA) -- In line with efforts to boost the fire support capabilities of its ground troops, the Philippine Navy (PN) has acquired 220 units of 7.62mm GPMGs (general purpose machine guns) for its Marine units.

PN vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said "these machine guns are intended to fulfill the role of either a light machine gun or medium machine gun, while being at the same time, man-portable."

The 7.62mm GPMGs are also air-cooled and capable of firing full-power rifle cartridges.

Taccad said these machine guns will primarily provide multi-role automatic fire support weapons to Marine infantry squads and fire teams, especially the Force Reconnaissance teams and Special Operations platoons.

"These GPMGs will be also utilized as vehicle-mounted automatic fire support (weapons) to maneuvering units, convoys and defensive positions," he said. (PNA)

Marines to get 7.62mm sniper rifles

MANILA (PNA) -- The Philippine Navy (PN) announced that it will be acquiring 7.62mm sniper rifles for its Marine units.

The weapons will be fitted with the advanced M-40 platform which includes sophisticated sights and scopes, enabling Marine marksmen to detect and engage enemy targets at long ranges.

The weapon will replaced existing M-14 sniper rifles currently being used by Marine units.

PN vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said the 7.62mm sniper rifles will also enhanced the capability of the Marine Scout snipers to acquire, observe, precisely engage and neutralize enemy targets from 800 meters and higher.

Taccad declined to comment on how many 7.62mm sniper rifles will be acquired for security reasons.

The PN vice commander also said that the weapon is now for "amendment of letter and offer acceptance". (PNA)

Marines acquire close combat optics

MANILA (PNA) -- The Philippine Navy (PN) announced that it has acquired 5,000 units of close combat optics which will further enhanced the targeting and aiming capabilities of its brand-new M-4 assault rifles.

The latter is a battery red dot type aiming device.

"We (have) acquired 5,000 units of this purposely to be fitted in the new assault rifles to enhance target acquisition speed of our ground troops," PN vice commander Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad said.

The M-4s replaced the antiquated four decades old M-16 automatic rifle in the Philippine Marine Corps inventory.

Taccad said these weapons will significantly contribute to the development and transformation of the Marines into a multi-mission-oriented force, capable of effectively addressing both internal and external threats.

Some 5,000 M-4 units were distributed to the Navy and Marine outfits last November. 


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