28 Januari 2015

Myanmar Announces 2015 Budget of USD2.5 Billion

28 Januari 2015

The 2015 defence budget equal to 3.7% of GDP (photo : Myanmar Armour Corps)

Myanmar's Ministry of Defence (MoD) has proposed a 2015 defence budget of MMK2.61 trillion (USD2.5 billion), according to reports in the country on 28 January. The figure represents a year-on-year nominal increase of 10% and approximately 3.7% of national GDP.

In presenting the defence budget to parliament, defence minister Lieutenant General Wai Lwin said the expenditure will be directed at supporting operational expenses, procurement, salaries, constructing and maintaining military facilities, and providing education and training to military personnel.

Reports said Lt Gen Wai Lwin also noted a potential further increase to the defence budget if a separate proposal to provide the military with a pay increase is approved by Myanmar's parliament before implementation at the beginning of the financial year in April.


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