26 Juni 2015

Chinese Win Bid to Supply Three Subs to Navy

26 Juni 2015

China has offered Yuan class (3.600 tonnes) diesel-electric submarine for Royal Thai Navy (photo : Navy 81)

The navy has picked Chinese submarines costing 12 billion baht each to be commissioned in the force, a source on the procurement committee says. 

The majority of the 17-strong committee voted to buy three Chinese submarines, saying it was the "best value for money". 

The rest were split between submarines from Germany and South Korea. 

The navy also received offers from Russia, Sweden and France.  

The source said China beat other competitors as it offered subs equipped with superior weaponry and technology. Its subs are also able to stay underwater longer.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon backs the submarine project, citing a growing territorial threat and an increasing number of maritime missions. He said many neighbouring countries are also deploying submarines.  

Gen Prawit said he would forward to the cabinet the navy's submarine procurement decision once it becomes available.  

Before the procurement panel made its decision, Gen Prawit was quoted by a navy source as saying that if the submarines were not bought by the current government, the navy might not have the chance to get them again. 

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  1. Wah makin mantap aja nih Thailand. Sebentar lagi udah punya alutsista kapal selam untuk bersaing dgn Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam dan Singapura.

    Cuma penasaran tipe apa yg dibeli