13 Maret 2013

Army-DTI Signed a 3-Year Development Project of Multi-Barreled Rocket

13 Maret 2013

 Development of multi barrelled rocket system will take place to 3 years, DTI-1 with a range from 60 to 180 kilometers, DTI-1G with range from 70-150 kilometers (photo : Sukasom Hiranpham)

On March 7 at the Army Headquarters Deputy Chief of Staff as representative of the Army and Chief Executive of DTI (Defence Technology Institute) has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in the development of multi-barrel rocket system to further develop DTI-1 the multi-barreled rocket propellant and DTI-1G multi-barreled missile to a better accuracy to be even more.

Cooperation with China based on WS-1/WS-1B MLRS (photo : Army Technology) 

Thailand has signed an agreement to cooperation in multiple-barreled rocket and missile technology from China. The Army and DTI has signed an agreement to develop research capabilities towards multi-barreled rocket and missile system. The project duration is three years during the period of transfer of technology to China. Expected in mid-2014 was to be fired test in China. The experiment in order to calculate the area of ​​security in the next shot.

DTI roadmap : phase 1 = 2007-2009, phase 2 = 2010-2012, phase 3 = 2013-2016 (image : thaifighterclub)

The development of missile systems to support the Army in the future. DTI would support development of missile systems along with training and simulation systems, including virtual training, logistics systems throughout the lifespan, system test and evaluation, and rocket systems destroyed management by the time expires. Research will build on the basic knowledge and technology in the country to be self sufficient and develop joint logistics support system to support multi-barrel rocket system and maintenance jn time requirement.

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