29 Maret 2013

MMEA Evaluates to Add FLIR to Their FIB

29 Maret 2013

A thermal imaging system, FLIR, can detect targets which may not be able to be seen with night vision. (photo : NST)

With FLIR, Night Turns to Day

LANGKAWI: Several government and law enforcement agencies are evaluating a thermal imaging system that can detect targets day or night.

"The bad guys are in for a big surprise. When FLIR is turned on, they will have nowhere to hide.

 We see without being seen, and we turn night to day," said Datin Noorshida Mohd Ali, managing director of DNDA Avia Marine Sdn Bhd that markets FLIR Systems in Malaysia.

The New Straits Times was given a demonstration of this technology yesterday on board a Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Fast Interceptor Craft at Resorts World, Pantai Cenang.

DNDA's director of training, Commander (R) Syed Noh Syed Abbas, said the system was being evaluated by the Defence Ministry, the police and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.

The MMEA provided one of their Fast Interceptor Boats, outfitted with the SeaFLIR 230 system. It was bolted on to the mast of our boat.

"The system is utilised in the role of RSTA, (Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Aquisition).

"It is designed for all types of weather, like fog and rain. We can also integrate the ships' own systems to work with SeaFLIR, and link it to the vessel's onboard weapons system as well as the its GPS (global positioning system), INS (inertial navigation system) and radar.

SeaFLIR 230 provides crisp stable imagery through total darkness, fog, smoke, and most battlefield obscurants (photos : gs-flir)

"We can basically tailor-make our FLIR system to the customers' requirements," said Noh.

DNDA's business development director Capt (R) Abdul Kadir Zakaria said the system also comes in man-portable units that are no bigger than some video camcorders, like the FLIR LS series and the higher end FLIR HS.

"The system is best for specialised police units that need to operate covertly and stay undetected. There are even picatinny mounts to enable the unit to be fitted on weapons.

"If a person is standing behind a bush, you may not see be able to see him with night vision, but with FLIR, he can be detected immediately."


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