12 Maret 2013

The First Upgraded TAM Medium Tank by Elbit Delivered

12 Maret 2013

TAM medium tank based on German Marder IFV. There is armed with 105-mm gun and two 7.62 mm, weight about 30 tons, TAM can accelerate to 80 miles per hour and cover up to 600 kilometers.(photo : Infodefensa)

Montevideo-The Argentine Army received the first tank TAM (Tanque Argentino Medium) modernized by the Israeli company Elbit, on site Army.

Improvements that projects are completed on all TAM fleet (around 235 units) include replacing hydraulic mechanisms of movement of the tower by electrical, thermal sleeve for the gun, stabilized system installation COAPS (Commander Open Architecture Panoramic Sight) with day and night cameras, an early warning system ELBIT (with detection of laser guidance systems and radar). Also, you will install an auxiliary power unit for operating systems without having to keep the vehicle running.

A rising level of armored protection, you have installed flaps protecting the filming and some of the tracks for increased survival in case of impact.

This first prototype delivered (in a process that is quite extensive) is expected to be the model for other vehicles to continue, although still unknown delivery dates of upcoming modernized units.


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