11 Februari 2014

DND Releases Shopping List with P3.68B Boost

11 Februari 2014

P97 million will be allocated for small amphibian vehicles (photo : autoruote4x4)

MANILA, Philippines - The Department of National Defense (DND) received P3.69 billion as part of its 2013 year-end releases by Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

In a statement on Tuesday, the DBM presented DND's 18 "priority projects" that will be covered by the funding supplement mostly under the modernization program for the armed forces. These include:

P2.135 billion for:

P1.670 billion for strategic sealift vessels
P189 million for C41/GIS equipment
P109 million for radio test equipment
P58 million for the production capability and facility upgrade/prime loading and assembly equipment
P52 million for portable radio receivers
P20 million for a master development plan
P19 million for technical forensic upgrades
P10 million for laser packing machines
P6 million for the Camp Bautista Station Hospital

P1.542 billion for:

P97 million for small amphibian vehicles
P229 million for shoulder-launch multi-purpose assault weapons
P500 million for AV config radios
P364 million for HH radios
P107 million for 60mm mortars
P50 million for 7.62mm sniper rifles
P12 million for audio video equipment
P178 million for AFP JSOG requirements
P6 million fot Jacinto Class Patrol Vessel Ph 2
DBM explained that the recent P3.68-billion release would benefit DND general headquarters, the Philippine Army, the Philippine Navy and the Government Arsenal.

"We remain committed to this pursuit of peace and the rule of law, and one of the ways we’re reinforcing that is by supporting our Armed Forces’ modernization activities. These initiatives are of course necessary in improving our territorial defense capabilities and ensuring better national security," Budget Secretary Florencio "Butch" Abad said.

The Aquino administration also approved a P6.62 billion release in December 2013 for the acquisition of strategic sealift vessels, small amphibian vehicles, utility helicopters, communication equipment such as manpack radios and personal role radios, and other projects.

"The Department of National Defense gave us their assurance that they would be able to obligate the funding released to them before the year ended. These projects and equipment acquisitions supported by the funds were already just short of award in terms of their progress in the procurement process when we approved the release," Abad said.


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