01 Februari 2014

The Second Export Submarine "Ho Chi Minh" Left "Admiralty Shipyards" and Sent to Vietnam

01 Februari 2014

Second Vietnamese submarine HQ-183 Ho Chi Minh (photo : Phunu Today)

PETERSBURG (ARMS-TASS). The second export submarine HQ-183 "Ho Chi Minh" project 636.1 left "Admiralty Shipyards" and sent to Vietnam aboard a chartered Dutch freighter. This ARMS-Tass said the representative of the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC).

According to him, to transport submarine naval base Cam Ranh will take 45 days and will end in March this year.

Freighter aboard the submarine was escorted responsible deliverer "Admiralty Shipyards" with a team of six men and six crew members. Their mission is to support its operational mechanisms, as well as recharging the batteries.

After delivery to the customer will make test the submarine out to sea. To ensure it arrives in Vietnam warranty enterprise group consisting of 14 persons.

Total under contract from 2009 worth $ 2.1 billion for the Vietnamese Navy will be built six Kilo submarines Project 636.1. Currently, the "Admiralty Shipyards" in various stages of readiness are three other similar boats - the third, fourth and fifth.

Transfer to third boat HQ-185 "Haiphong" the customer will be held in November 2014, fourth to be launched in March, and in December will be docked fifth compartments.Bookmark sixth boat is planned for July this year.

Project 636.1 belong to the third generation of submarines designed CDB specialists Marine Engineering "Rubin" (St. Petersburg).

After receiving the first of six ordered submarines of Project 636.1 in January 2014 Vietnam joined the countries of Southeast Asia, forming a group of submarine forces. These include Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

(Arms Tass)

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