25 Februari 2014

Vietnam Already Own Pantsir S1 ?

25 Februari 2014

Pantsir S-1 a combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system (photo : Don vị tac chien dien tu)

(Soha.vn) - People's Daily (China) recently published a photograph of artillery systems/missile Pantsir-S1 they think of Vietnam.

Recently, the newspaper People's Daily (Chinese version), official newspaper of China's leading uploaded a photo on artillery system/missile Pantsir-S1 produced by Russia. The newspaper said that this is the image of Pantsir-S1 systems in Vietnam.

Through photos on People's Daily, this version Pantsir-S1 can be left version, which is fighting the special module on a trailer instead of putting on truck chassis as the Russian system that is used and exported to several countries.

However, all information and images above are speculations of People's Daily . There is not yet any official information from the authorities of Vietnam.

System artillery/missile Pantsir-S1 (NATO designation is SA-22 Greyhound) was made ​​in Tula Russian design institutes. Pantsir-S1 system is used to destroy low-altitude flying targets such as low-flying aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, cruise missiles.

The weapon's main strength is 12 Pantsir-S1 missile interceptors 57E6 (export version is 57E6-E). 57E6-E missiles have a range of efficiency 20km;15km height, speed of 900m/s at a range of 12km and 700m/s at a range of 18km. In addition, there are 2 cannon Pantsir-S1 caliber 2A38 30mm cannon, with cannon firing rate of each release up to 2,500/minute, an effective range of up to 4km. 1RS2-1E radar equipped version Pantsir-S1 export target detection range up to 32-36km in distance.

If Vietnam own the system Pantsir-S1, Vietnam will have steel shield low-range air defense, additional low-altitude air defense systems as old Vietnam: ZSU-23-4, Strela-10, anti-aircraft guns, Igla missiles. 

Pantsir-S1 can be fitted together with the system S-300PMU1 of Vietnam to protect the system against the threat from cruise missiles, or put ... at the base and important goal should be protected as airports, military port, arsenal.


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