08 Februari 2014

Freire Shipyard Set for April the Start of Construction of the Ship of the Indonesian Navy

08 Februari 2014

The new sailing ship has 110 meters in length and 12 meters in width (image : Vigo)

Accolade of the Republic of Indonesia to the Vigo shipyard Freire. Defense Minister of Indonesia, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, moved this week in Madrid to support naval factory for the construction of what will be the new ship of its navy, a sailing ship of 110 meters in length to replace the veteran and KRI Dewaruci that Freire was awarded last June. Yusgiantoro, accompanied by the Ambassador of Indonesia in Spain and Spanish representatives of the Defense Ministry, Wednesday visited the Airbus factory in Seville and later held a meeting with the leaders of the Vigo shipyard, who made a presentation of the company and the ship. Freire sources confirmed to this newspaper that the financing scheme of the contract, valued at 70 million dollars (51.4 million euros to change yesterday) is already closed and the entry into force of the agreement is scheduled for "late March or early April. "

Shipbuilding Paulino Freire (Freire Shipyard) had imposed a naval factories worldwide (Damen, Icon Yachts, Bumar, Gondán, etc..) In the open by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense international competition with a sailboat 110 meters long for 12 wide and 6 deep. The ship, with rigging Bricbarca type, have 3,350 square meters of sail and serve as a platform for training naval capacity to accommodate 200 people on board, of which 120 are cadets in training. The building will provide 346,000 hours of work in the factory for a period of 22-24 months, employing an average of 300 people.

This contract was one of the topics discussed during the visit to Spain this week of Indonesia's defense minister, who attended the sixth delivery of transport aircraft C-295 Airbus plant in Seville European aircraft manufacturer. Sources confirmed to FARO Freire Yusgiantoro supported the project and appreciated the fact that it was a family business that had been awarded the contract. At the meeting with the Minister President of Freire, Jesus Freire, and the commercial director of the company, Guillermo Freire, who were invited to a dinner at the home of the Ambassador of Indonesia in Spain participated, which was also attended responsible Spanish Government and Airbus.

After closing the financing, the same sources said that the entry into force of the contract is scheduled for "late March or early April," after that rip off the works. Also planned for that month contract signing of the new research vessel that Freire was awarded last December to the Institute for Scientific Studies of Kuwait (Kuwait Institute for Science Research), valued at 30 million euros. This vessel will have 54.8 meters in length and its construction will be after the Indonesian sailboat. The entry into force of both contracts will allow Vigo factory resume construction activity, since after the departure of the RRS Discovery has been doing work processing and ship repair.


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