12 Februari 2014

Singapore Airshow GM 200 Display Confirms Air Force Purchase

12 Februari 2014

ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) Ground Master (GM) 200 air defence radar system (photo : Shephard)

The Republic of Singapore Air Force has displayed its Shikra radar – based on the ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) Ground Master (GM) 200 - on-board an 8x8 vehicle at the Singapore Air Show, thus confirming the purchase of the air defence radar system. 

The GM 200 is believed to have been ordered from prime contractor TRS in 2008, although the radar in the Singaporean configuration has never before been displayed.

Thales has not been able to confirm or deny the purchase due to customer sensitivity, but Shephard understands that the TRS radar was adapted into the Shikra configuration in order to effectively operate in an Asian climate. 

For the show it was mounted on a KMW MAN 8x8 which is operated by the Singaporean forces; according to Thales the GM 200 when operated off of a truck can be deployed within some 15 minutes. 

The GM 200 is a medium range tactical multi-mission radar operated in S band that has an extended detection range of 250 km in surveillance mode and 100 km in engagement mode.

It provides full time 3D coverage from –7 to 70° in one rotation and a high data renewal rate enabling short reaction time and fast track acquisition, according to Thales. 

The system design is based around the same technology as its long range sister radar – the GM 400 – and Asian customers for this include India and Malaysia.

The Singaporean forces are renowned for not releasing information on military purchases and another new spot at the show was its Heron 1 MALE UAV, which it acquired in 2012.


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