14 Agustus 2014

Duo Powerful Self-Propelled Artillery of the Vietnamese Army

14 Agustus 2014

2S3 Gvosdika, 28 tonnes self propelled howitzer with maximum firing range 18.5 km (photo : BaoDatViet)

As the 'battle king' of Vietnam artillery, self-propelled guns 2S1 and 2S3 possesses great power can perform many different tasks. 

2S1 self-propelled eager Gvosdika developed by the Soviet Union in 1967 and formally incorporated into service in 1971. This is the kind of fireworks are produced in large quantities and served in dozens of countries. Gvosdika 2S1 chassis used armored troop transport MT-LB. Above that, it mounted a 122mm gun barrel twist D32 combines support system loader (rate of fire of 4-5 rounds/min). 

Because D32 artillery improvements based on D30 122mm artillery tractor so it spent most of the D30 ammunition (bullets blast fragmentation, antitank shells, cluster munitions, smoke rounds, illumination rounds). This saves easier for the supply of ammunition. The amount of ammunition stored in the vehicle for about 40 employees, including 35 rounds often explosive fragmentation (15 km range) and 5 anti-tank members. 

2S1 self-propelled artillery crews controlled by 4 people (car chief, the driver, gunner, loader). The entire hull and turret armored bulletproof often help crew size 7.62 or 12.7mm guns, artillery pieces. 

MT-LB chassis diesel engine 240 hp YaMZ-238V allows a maximum speed of 60km/h. Amphibious 2S1 can speed 4.5km/h, but if this is done to reduce the amount of ammo to 30 members. 

2S3 self-propelled artillery Akatsiya almost "twins" with 2S1 well developed when it entered service in 1971 ZIS also produce huge quantities, necklaces manufacturing operations to 1993 new terminated. 

2S1 Akatsiya, 16 tonnes self propelled howitzer with maximum firing range  15.3 km (photos : BaoDatViet)

2S3 armament D22 152mm caliber, firing rate of 3-4 rounds/min, in theory it can shoot 30 rounds/10 minutes or 75 rounds/hour. The number of reserve ammunition in the car about 40 employees, including 36 who often fragmented and fourth explosive anti-tank members. 

Similarly 2S1, Cannon D22 is an improved design from the D20 152mm artillery tractor, it shared ammo ammunition D20 as road markings, explosive fragmentation rounds, anti-tank shells, bullets lighting and even nuclear weapons. 2S3M later variants can fire high-precision self Krasnopol lead. 

Also, 2S3 also a 7.62mm machine gun sized room on the top of the turret. Gunner can shoot from the vehicle control without creep out. 

2S3 using crawler chassis of air missile systems SA-4, installed a 520-horsepower diesel engine allowing speeds of 60km/h. 

2S3 artillery accumulation may exceed 1.1m high, 2.5m wide moat and has a range of up to 300km.


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