18 Agustus 2014

Vietnames Ka-28 were Upgraded in Crimea

18 Agustus 2014

Ka-28 of the Vietnamese Navy is being upgraded in Ukraine (all photos : Kienthuc)

Video reportage of NTS-TV channel showed one or two a helicopter Ka-28 painted badges Vietnam Air Force is being repaired.

Recently, NTS-TV channels have made ​​reports noted the revival of the defense industry in Crimea lands newly incorporated into the Russian Federation. Typically, helicopter repair plant in Sevastopol - the famous port city in Crimea.

In the clip, in 1.26 minutes with the emergence of an anti-submarine helicopters Ka-28 painted badges Vietnam People's Air Force . That means, Ka-28 helicopter of Vietnam has been upgraded in this contract may be signed before that.

In fact, there was news in 2010, Vietnam has decided to sign a contract with Ukraine's Sevastopol plant to repair and upgrade the entire Ka-28 have on the payroll. The Ka-28 aircraft in Vietnam was transferred to Ukraine to implement the items included: reinforcement extends shelf chassis, replace the electronic components semiconductor older generation with digital equipment and installation of LCD display, equipped with software controlled weapon firing permits the new types of modern weapons ..

Redoubtable hunter killer submarine

Ka-28 is considered one fearsome anti-submarine helicopters in the world. It has unique characteristics that do not have a helicopter of the United States and Europe have been.

What makes unique Kamov helicopters are used coaxial rotor lift. Accordingly, instead of using a helicopter main rotor tradition, Kamov Ka-28 structure using two rotors turning in opposite directions upgrade will create 2 rotation torque and in opposite directions, so they themselves cancel each other out.
The use of wing structure completely eliminates the tail rotor, which reduces noise and aircraft size width. Also, it helps to have helicopters in maneuverability and flexibility. And because there is no tail rotor should not be afraid of this kind of cross wind blowing, maybe landing in all weather conditions.

"Submarine hunter killer" features the versatile tactical skills, have the ability to find and destroy submarines with three different options with the most modern equipment currently at a depth of three times the depth of operation submarine.

Earlier, a helicopter Ka-25 submarine hunter only one detector plans detectors from APM (magnetic probe generated from submarine shell). Ka-28 also has the ability to detect submarines by hydro-acoustic buoys RGB radio (radio detection when the submarine emits radio signals over the air) and humidity VGS (sounders propellers of ships underground).

Ka-28 is equipped with surveillance radar systems add water and anti-jamming device, jammer unable to detect submarines. Its weapons bay itself leads carry torpedoes, bombs and mines sunk.

While other helicopters to equip the boat floats, life jackets for marine landing on the Ka-28 is equipped with life jackets for aircraft to float on water in emergencies. To the rear of the Ka-28 rubber boats were packed. 2 officers tasked navigation push boats, inflatable manipulated to jump into the sea when a situation to an emergency landing in the sea.

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