03 September 2014

After US, Singapore Suspended the Flights of the F-16D

03 September 2014

RSAF F-16D Block 52 (photo : David Gibbs)

Singapore Air Force suspended flights of double combat-capable fighter aircraft F-16D, stationed at an air base in Arizona Luke. It is reported by Jane's Defense Ministry with reference to the country.

According to the agency, in the course of checks on several planes were found cracked spar cockpit. About how many fighters in question is not specified. Estimated to Jane's, Luke Air Force Base may be about a dozen of Singapore F-16 Block 52 in single and double versions (C / D).

Earlier defects spars found on F-16D USAF. As a result, Air Force Command decided to suspend the flights 82 of 157 of these fighters. Subsequently, the Pentagon has recommended to conduct similar checks all member operators F-16D.

Causes of cracks is not yet known. United States Air Force has launched an investigation, which involved experts of Lockheed Martin, which produces F-16 fighters.


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