10 September 2014

Vietnam Began Sea Trials of the Fourth Gunship TT-400TR

10 September 2014

Gunship TT-400TR class with hull number HQ-275 of the Vietnamese Navy (photos : Militaryphotos)

As written in the website militaryphotos.net, the fourth class gunship TT-400TR for the Vietnamese Navy began sea trials. Ship with the hull number HQ-275, like all previous ones, is built at the Hong Ha shipyard.

The first TT-400TP (HQ-272) has joined the Vietnamese Navy in January 16, 2012, the second (HQ-273) - August 31, 2012, the third (HQ-274) - May 28, 2014. All of them are listed in the 2nd Regional Command of the Navy.


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