26 September 2014

The "Magic Eyes" to Guard the Vietnam Sky

26 September 2014

Radar P-18 planes, target detection range of 250 km, 36 km height, the radar is capable of detecting and tracking 120 targets simultaneously. (all photos : Phunu Today)

Army radar unit under Air Force PK - KQ is responsible for early detection of all targets infringing airspace, waters and island of Vietnam.

Radar P-35 planes, target detection range of 300 km, height of 25 km, the radar is capable of detecting targets flying at altitudes below 300 meters.

Army radar alarm early for the concerned units ready to fight when there is objective suspected infringement of national sovereignty. In addition, the army also led the way for the kind of weapons can destroy the target control in the air, at sea, on land.

Radar Altimeter PRV-16. This type of radar guided realm cum squad fighters attack targets airspace intrusion.

P-14M Radar realm, target detection range of 600 km, a maximum height of 65 km.

Vietnam Army radar was established very early. On 21/03/1958, radar Regiment realm of Vietnam was first established. During the war in Vietnam, army radar equipped modern contributed quite important in the realm, guided missiles, anti-aircraft returned the fierce air campaign of the USAF.

Advanced radar reconnaissance 55Zh6UE Nebo-UE. This type of radar network digital phase 3 design coordinates automatically following the targets.

Radar detection realm specialized stealth aircraft Vostock-E, Vietnam called the RV-01. This type of radar planes no rival in Asia. RV-01 is capable of detecting stealth aircraft F-117A at a distance of 72 km in heavy interference environment, other aircraft detection range not less than 360 km, the number of targets simultaneously track 120.

In particular, the campaign Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the air, though faced with powerful air force in the world with electronic warfare systems sophisticated, but the soldiers still fighting innovative radar " bar to find specific noise "broken air raids largest since World War 2.

Electronic reconnaissance system Kolchuga passive. This is a passive radar system specialized to detect advanced stealth aircraft in the world today. 

Radar caught looking round low 3 parameters 39N6 Kasta-2E2 perform specialized tasks detect low flying targets such as cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft. This radar is capable of detecting targets flying at altitudes below 100 m at a distance of 41-55 km, depending on the height of the antenna, the maximum range of 150 km reconnaissance.

Today, high-tech warfare, electronic reconnaissance keep critical role in the defense of the homeland, to the country do not get surprised by any circumstances, take precedence army radar investment device equipped with sophisticated surveillance from a leading power in the world today.

Radar altitude 96L6EV looked round for every combination of long-range air defense S-300PMU1, target detection range of 300 km, track 100 targets simultaneously.

Here is a radar image of the payroll realm radar Army, Army Air Defence - Air Force, the Vietnam People's Army:

(Phunu Today)

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