21 Desember 2009

Finncantieri Offering LHD to Malaysia

21 Desember 2009

A 20.000 tons LHD offered to Malaysia by Finncantieri (photo : KLSR)

Fincantieri to Malaysia to Sell 20,000 Tons a Helicopter Landing Ship Dock

KLS Langkawi Photo Report: Italian shipyard Fincantieri official to Malaysia to sell 20,000 tons of helicopter landing ship dock, just the displacement of more than South Korea's "Dokdo" was.

Fincantieri the original program is used-class amphibious assault ship San Giusto made to sell to Malaysia.

Fincantieri confirmed that they are indeed for Malaysia to re-design of new multi-purpose support ship program, set to replace some outdated San Giusto.

As to why the program launch of 20,000 tons displacement problem, Fincantieri designer of this problem seems to have some reservations.

Fincantieri Novel 2 million tons of helicopter landing dock ship, Captain 190 meters, speed 20 to 16 sailing, life force of 7000 sea miles.

Helicopter landing ship dock ships flight deck, a total of six AW101 helicopters taking off and landing points, capable of carrying 950 people department, of whom 193 officers and men called the ship.

Fincantieri Designer, Fincantieri Novel 2 million tons of helicopter landing ship dock, fully modular design that can be done to re-design, may be able to release less than 20,000 tons of the program.


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