23 Desember 2009

PAF orders 8 new PZL W-3WA Sokół

23 Desember 2009

PZL W-3WA (photo : stan)

PZL Swidnik Won 2.8 Billion Bid

Manila- The Philippine Air Force has officially ordered eight (8) W-3 Sokół combat utility helicopter from manufacturer WSK-PZL Świdnik S.A of Poland in a deal worth two billion eight hundred fifty seven million eight hundred sixty four thousand six hundred twenty five pesos (P2,857,864,625.18). Defense Secretary Norberto B. Gonzales announced the award for the combat utility helicopter during the weekend.

The W-3WA Sokół (falcon) made its first flight on July 30, 1992 and has a capacity for two crew and twelve passengers. The W-3WA has been certified by US FAR Pt 29 standards granted in May 1993 and European certification granted in December 1993.

"This is the culmination of our negotiation with the supplier. Secretary Teodoro approved the negotiated procurement of P3 billion worth of combat utility helicopters last June after two successive failure of bidding process." Secretary Gonzales said.

"The project has been two years overdue and I think its about time" says Gonzales after awarding the contract to Warsaw based helicopter manufacturer.

The budget for the combat utility helicopter (CUH) project had been released by Malacanang as early as 2007 but no firm has submitted bid proposal according to specifications and budget in two succeeding bids. The budget was part of the P5-billion modernization fund for 2007 aimed to replaced UH-1H Huey helicopters in the Air Force Fleet.

“PZL was found to have the best possible offer based on the budget so after extensive negotiation we awarded it to them” said Gonzales.

The Department of Defense is also acquiring P3 billion worth of night capable attack (NCAH) helicopters, whose bidding had also failed twice. Gonzales said that a negotiated procurement with the US Department of Defense for the purchase of second-hand attack helicopters with the same night capability is already in the works and they are hoping to seal the deal before President Arroyo's term end.

The P3 billion fund was originally part of the P5 billion budget released by President Arroyo for the purchase of combat utility and night-capable attack helicopters that formed part of the AFP Capability Upgrade Program. Additional budget of 1 billion was appropriated by the President this year adding more fund to the project.

A total of 34 priority items are included in the first phase of the re-prioritized AFP CUP shopping list, 62 in Phase 2, and 39 items in Phase 2-B.

Technical data for PZL Swidnik W-3

Engine: 2 x PZL-10V turboshaft, rated at 662kW, main rotor diameter: 15.7m, length with rotors turning: 18.79m, fuselage length: 14.21m, height: 4.2m, take-off weight: 6400kg, empty weight: 3630kg, cruising speed: 238km/h, hovering ceiling, IGE: 3200m, range: 745km, payload: 2100kg.

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