18 Desember 2009

Upgraded Aussie Frigate Fires SM-2 Missile

18 Desember 2009

Standard Missile 2 Acceptance Test and Evaluation firing in the East Australian Exercise Area on HMAS MELBOURNE, the first firing of it's kind. (photo : DefenceGovAu)

Navy’s Air Defence Capability Grows Stronger

Greg Combet, Minister for Defence Personnel, Materiel and Science today announced that HMAS Melbourne has fired a Standard Missile (SM 2) in the East Australian Exercise Area off Jervis Bay.

“The launch of the SM 2 demonstrates an updated Naval Air Defence capability for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), which will be further enhanced over the next year,” Mr Combet said. “

This missile firing was the first time a SM 2 has been fired from an Adelaide class frigate. The missile was prepared, launched and supported in flight before engaging a target.

HMAS Melbourne (photo : Maritimequest)

“HMAS Melbourne is an Adelaide class guided missile frigate (FFG) that has completed the multi-million dollar FFG Upgrade Program and has recently undergone additional SM-2 related alterations to its combat system.

“HMAS Melbourne is now equipped with two modern missile systems to combat anti-ship missiles and aircraft.“

The missile was fired from the Missile Launching System that has recently been modified as part of the project to replace the SM 1 in the Upgraded FFG. This firing is a significant achievement and provides confidence in the ship’s updated weapon control system.

“The firing was supported by the combat system installed during the FFG Upgrade Project with revised Weapon Control System software being developed by an international team to employ the SM 2,” Mr Combet said.

Although variations of the Adelaide class guided missile frigates are in service with many navies around the world, only the RAN Adelaide class FFG have been fitted with SM 2.

(Defense Aerospace)

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