02 Juni 2010

Airbus Military Examines C-212 Modernisation Options

02 Juni 2010

C-212 series 400 (photo : fortunecity)

Airbus Military is undertaking a business case study into the viability of 're-engineering' its C-212 Aviocar tactical transport aircraft, the head of the company, Domingo Ureña-Raso, has announced.

With the C-212 more than 40 years old, Ureña-Raso said that Airbus Military, which assumed responsibility for the airframe from EADS CASA in 2009, is looking to modernise the short take-off and landing (STOL) twin turboprop.

Speaking at the company's light and medium aircraft final assembly line (FAL) facility in Seville, Spain, on 20 May, Ureña-Raso said that, in the current economic crisis, an affordable aircraft like the C-212 would be well placed to secure future orders.

The specifics of what a C-212 modernisation process might involve have not yet been divulged and neither is it known if such modifications will be available to refit to existing airframes or for new-build models only. However, Ureña-Raso made it clear that any upgrades will not add to the cost or complexity of the aircraft.

"What people are looking for is a simple, reliable, cheap plane – nothing sophisticated." Ureña-Raso said, adding: "This is what [the C-212 has] been for many years, and everyone is very happy [with it]."

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