17 Juni 2010

AWD's Hull Ready to Transported

17 Juni 2010

Australia's AWD (image : AWD Alliance)

Air Warfare Destroyer Block Transport Contract Signed

Greg Combet, Minister for Defence Materiel and Science, today announced that the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Alliance has signed a contract with Toll North Pty Ltd for the transport of 66 hull blocks by sea from Newcastle and Melbourne to Adelaide where they will be consolidated into Australia’s three Hobart Class AWDs.

Mr Combet said the signing of this $25 million contract represented a significant milestone in the multi-billion dollar project.

“Full block production is now underway at three shipyards across Australia: ASC in Adelaide, BAE Systems in Melbourne and Forgacs in Newcastle,” Mr Combet said.

“The completed blocks will be transported on a barge towed by a tug boat from the Melbourne and Newcastle shipyards to Adelaide.

AWD's specification (image : ausawd)

“By mid-2011, the blocks will begin to arrive at the Government of South Australia’s Common User Facility for consolidation into the complete warship,” Mr Combet said.

Each ship is made up of 31 blocks. The blocks will be transported in groups, with 15 trips from BAE Systems shipyard in Melbourne and eight from the Forgacs shipyard in Newcastle.

“This work will employ 14 people, part of a 3,000 strong workforce building these warships around Australia,” Mr Combet said.

The project is on track to deliver the first AWD, HMAS Hobart, in December 2014. HMAS Brisbane is scheduled for delivery in March 2016 and HMAS Sydney in June 2017.

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