21 Juni 2010

Fourth A330 Arrives at Brisbane for RAAF MRTT Conversion

21 Juni 2010

The fourth A330 for KC-30 conversion has arrived in Brisbane. (photo : Airbus Military)

Another ‘green’ A330 has arrived at Qantas Defence Services (QDS) in Brisbane ready for conversion to a KC-30A MRTT for the RAAF.

The aircraft, the fourth of the five on order and the third to be converted at Brisbane, was built as a standard A330-200 by Airbus in Toulouse, and will be substantially modified over a 10 month period into its MRTT form.

The second aircraft to be modified by QDS is nearing completion and is scheduled to receive ‘power-on’ in July, while the first joined the original Airbus modified aircraft in Spain late last year for flight test and certification work.

The first two KC-30As are due to be delivered to the RAAF by the end of 2010, with the remaining three due by early 2012.

(Australian Aviation)

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