15 Juni 2010

BAE Systems and Iveco Defence Vehicles Pursue Marine Corps Personnel Carrier

15 Juni 2010

The Iveco SuperAV is a fully developed prototype of amphibious armored personnel carrier (image : Iveco)

PARIS, France -- BAE Systems and Iveco Defence Vehicles have signed a licensing agreement to form the basis of a business arrangement for the pursuit of the U.S. Marine Corps Personnel Carrier (MPC) programme, with a vehicle based on the SUPERAV 8x8.

In 2009, Iveco Defence Vehicles unveiled the SUPERAV 8x8 as the newest MPC candidate. The SUPERAV has capabilities based on previously fielded vehicles that include enhanced survivability, mobility performance, and amphibious capability with growth potential.

SuperAV has weight 15 t, length 7.9 m, width 2.78 m, height 2.2m (photo : Militaryphotos)

The MPC is designed to fill the medium-armour ground vehicle gap and complements the capabilities of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) and the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). It will be a flexible and highly mobile asset for the Marines that will be well protected, sustainable, networked and include a strong swimming capability.

Both BAE Systems and Iveco Defence Vehicles have extensive experience across a range of mine-protected and armoured vehicles, including several 8x8 models. This breadth of experience positions the team to jointly address the specific requirements of the MPC programme.

(Army Guide)

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This armored personnel carrier can transport 12 troops plus the driver (photo : Militaryphotos)

Iveco will unveil its latest 8x8 amphibious SuperAV 8x8 Armored Personnel Carrier at the upcoming IDET exhibition in the Brno, the Czech Republic. This medium weight vehicle is capable of maintaining its amphibious capability even at high protection levels, designed for operation at sea conditions above Sea State 2. It is powered by a 500hp engine coupled to an automatic transmission. Movement in water is provided by a twin-shaft driveline. Over land, the vehicle maintains good on- and off-road mobility utilizing fully independent suspension. SuperAV can carry up to 12 fully equipped soldiers plus the driver. Its base armor provides effective protection against direct small-arms fire, shell splinters, landmines and IEDs.

Armor of the SuperAV provides protection against small arms fire, artillery shell splinters and landmines. (photo : Militaryphotos)

The new SuperAV is about 10 tons lighter than the Freccia (also designated VBM) currently being delivered to the Italian Army. Frecciadoes not have amphibious capabilities. As a fully equipped and well armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) Freccia is much heavier than the SuperAV (Freccia weighing is 28 ton), this vehicle is equipped with a manned turret mounting a 25mm automatic cannon, armored to protect against 25mm projectiles, and powered by a 550 hp diesel engine but do not have amphibious capability. It can carry 7 fully equipped troops and accommodates a crew of three (commander, gunner and driver).

In the next decade the Italian Army is planning to field three digitally networked medium brigades equipped with wheeled armored vehicles based on the 8x8 Centauro and Freccia (VBM) armored vehicles. The principal platform for these brigades will utilize a common 8x8 platforms developed by Italian AFV manufacturers Iveco and Oto-Melara. At present, only the 'wheeled tank' mounting a 105mm cannon known as Centauro is fielded while the Freccia Infantry Fighting Vehicle is being delivered since February 2009. The Centauro is currently being upgraded to fit a 120mm cannon. The amphibious SuperAV 8x8 platform could be used to equip the Italian land-amphibious brigade which currently lack wheeled, protected mobility. This 8x8 family of vehicles is expected to include all of the normal combat support variants.

(Defense Update)

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