23 Juni 2010

BAE Wins New Nulka Decoy Order

23 Juni 2010
NULKA is an active missile decoy system that provides effective all-weather self-protection for naval vessels against anti-ship missiles.It can be used as part of a multilayer defence system or for stand-alone ship protection. (photo : BAE)

BAE Systems Australia has won a new contract to produce Nulka naval missile decoys for the Australian, US and Canadian navies, its 12th contract for the decoy.

The new agreement will see Nulka production extended through to at least 2013, earning the company more than $800 million since production started and making Nulka Australia’s most successful regular defence export.
The NULKA system allows for automatic or operator designation of a missile threat and, upon designation of a particular threat, will respond rapidly by launching an autonomous airborne decoy. Prior to launch the system calculates the optimum decoy flight trajectory for the mission and programmes that trajectory data into the decoy's flight control unit. (photo : gunplot)

“To date, 940 Nulka rounds have been produced. Later this year we will complete production of the 1000th round, which will be a very significant program milestone,” BAE Systems program manager Simon Forrest said. “Its deployment on more than 130 surface combat ships is a testament to the trust that the US, Canadian and Australian navies place in the system.”

The system comprises a tube launched, rocket propelled active electronic warfare decoy which launches and hovers away from the ship, and lures anti-ship missiles away from their targets.

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