30 Desember 2010

Chinese Stealth Fighter Unveiled?

30 Desember 2010
The Chengdu J-20 (J-XX) reportedly undergoing high speed taxi tests in late December. (photo : australian aviation)

Reports and photographs from China indicate that country will soon test fly a large stealthy combat aircraft prototype from the Chengdu facility in the country’s north.

Grainy images of the aircraft, variously dubbed J-XX or J-20, show a long and wide fuselage with low observable engine intakes and a forward chine, a high set delta shaped main wing, forward canards, a bubble canopy, conventional round engine exhausts, and canted all-moving fins.

The aircraft appears to have been undergoing high speed taxi tests at Chengdu as late as December 22. It appears larger than the US’s F-22 Raptor, and similar in size to Russia’s T-50 PAK-FA prototype which flew in late 2009.

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