15 Desember 2010

FMV Handovers Saab 340 to RTAF

15 Desember 2010

RTAF's Saab 340 with Erieye radar (photo : Saabgroup)

At a ceremony in Linköping December 13 left the FMV of a Saab 340 aircraft with Erieye radar and a SAAB 340 for transportation and education. It is the first elements of the integrated air defense system that Thailand had bought from Sweden.

This is the first delivery from the agreement FMV signed with Thailand 2008th Per Nilsson, who is responsible for the Thailand project at FMV, signed shipping documents, together with Air Marshal Songtam Chokkanapitag from the Thai Air Force. After it left Gunnar Jonsson, who is project manager for the 340-part of the project, the logbook.

Accord of 2008 between the FMV, as a representative of the Swedish state, and Thailand, covers six Gripen aircraft (4 Jas 39d and 2 Jas 39C) with associated equipment and services, a Saab 340 aircraft with airborne radar surveillance system Erieye, a Saab 340 for transport and education and an integrated management system with data links.

The agreement contains, in addition to stock, an extensive logistical support, training for Thai pilots and technicians as well as simulators. Sweden will also help with the pilots and technicians as advisors in Thailand during the introduction of the Gripen and the Erieye in the Thai Air Force.

Saab 340 for transport and training (photo : Saabgroup)

Total Solution

The equipment, together with the commitment to train pilots and technicians as well as bilateral agreements for the development of advanced data link and transfer of technology, form a comprehensive solution. Deliveries of the remaining system components will occur during the first quarter of 2011.

In November 2010 signed an FMV of a new agreement with Thailand, which covers six Gripen fighters of the latest C version, along with an additional Saab 340 with Erieyeradar and the Swedish missile RB 15F. Delivery of the components of the defense system will take place during 2012 and 2013.

As part of the contract, Sweden will transfer the latest technology in advanced military aircraft to Thailand. The purpose of this is that through long-term partnership to develop the aerospace and defense skills in Thailand. This will also serve as a base for industry in Thailand in terms of future development.


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