09 Oktober 2012

MMEA Receives Six Speedboats For Enforcement Purposes

09 Oktober 2012

Penggalang boat (photo : Renitra1975)

PORT KLANG (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) today received six speedboats that will be used to enhance enforcement in Selangor waters.

Southern Region MMEA enforcement chief, First Admiral Adon Sahlan said with the new assets, MMEA could step up patrol duty to ensure more effective enforcement.

"Four of the speedboats named 'Penggalang' were handed over by the Customs Department while two other speedboats named 'Pengawal' were handed over by the Marine Police.

"The speedboats will be utilised and will replace MMEA boats currently being restored," he told reporters after receiving the speedboats here.

With the addition, Port Klang MMEA has 11 speed boats used for monitoring, patrolling and enforcement in Selangor waters.

Pengawal boat (photo : mset)

"With the new assets, we can deploy more speedboats for enforcement unlike before where we had only seven speedboats and three frigates."

Adon said this would enable MMEA to react faster to complaints or information on criminal activities.

"Our fishermen always complain that Indonesian enforcement officers encroach Malaysian waters and tow their boats into Indonesian waters claiming encroachment."

"With more extensive patrolling by MMEA, incidents such as these can be prevented from recurring," he added.

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